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USS Oriskany Conversion

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"MSW crew-mate Tim Powell (Riceballtrp) shares his first MSW submission with us, his conversion of Revell Models 1/530 scale USS Hornet +3 over to the USS Oriskany, in this "On Display" Feature!"

Model Kit- Revell Models 1/530 USS Hornet +3 Aircraft Carrier Plastic Model Kit, #85-3014.

I desperately wanted an Essex class carrier in the SCB-125 configuration and the only one I could get my hands on was the old Revell kit which has been around since the 1950's. This kit was boxed as the Oriskany, Yorktown, Lexington, Wasp, Hornet + 3 just to name a few. With a re-release coming out again later this year, I felt I could try my hand at making one with some upgrades and if I destroyed it, I could always replace it!

I started by purchasing a new island and decals from "Starfighter Decals," a new wood flight deck from "Nautilus Models," and some very poorly cast resin A-4's, "Whales" and F-8's. Gold Medal Models provided the extremely nice PE set for the rails and such. The kit hull was cut at the waterline to allow the ship to be shown underway and some major modifications were done to the hull to try and make it look more like the Oriskany.

One of the biggest problems plaguing this kit has always been the starboard bulkhead. It never quite lined up with the island as it was set in too far and looked awkward, so I moved it out for better alignment. The rear twin gun mount was removed as was the starboard gun mount.

The flight deck was replaced with a real wooden flight deck, but this in itself posed a bit of a challenge as the catwalks had to be carefully cut from the kit flight deck and attached to the new one. The original kit Island was tossed all together except the mast. I was informed by "Starfighter Decals" that the island I purchased was not correct for "Oriskany," but after some minor modifications to catwalks and radar mounts, she was ready to mount on the deck. The decals from "Starfighter" are very nice and very high quality and included all deck markings as well as air wing markings for the 1966-1968 cruise. The air wing was OOP, so I had to make due with some I already had.

The base was made using liqi-tex gel and "Woodland Scenes" water effect for the bow wake and bilge pump outlets. The water effect was a breeze to sculpt after reading the many post from the web. The air wing is a hodge podge of aircraft I purchased years ago and they needed major work, but with only S-2's being supplied in the kit I was bashing, I had no choice but to use them.

So, now I have a finished "Essex" class SCB-125 carrier to fill the void!
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About the Author

About Timothy Powell (riceballtrp)


Nice carrier and thanks for sharing, a very busy looking deck and simply love that sea effect
SEP 05, 2010 - 04:41 AM
Wonderful work Tim.
SEP 05, 2010 - 07:27 AM
You did a really nice job on that kit Tom.
SEP 05, 2010 - 02:55 PM
very nice work, thakns for sharing!
SEP 09, 2010 - 04:58 AM