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SS Cavalryman

Next I moved to figure of SS – Cavalryman. I wanted the Camo smock to be on the Autumn side so it was painted using German Camouflage Pale Brown as a base and SS Cam. Black-Brown and a mix of German Cam. Orange Ochre and Orange Brown. Then shades and highlights have been added.

Underneath field jacket was painted using German Uniform and trousers with German Field Grey as base colours and again shades and highlights have been added. Gas mask container was painted with Panzer Grey and chips were added with Light Grey and Black Grey paints. All missing straps, reins, rifle sling etc, were made of thin paper and painted in proper colours.

When all subassemblies received their paintwork, all have been sealed with matt varnish. Next I attached head, hands and equipment to the rider. Then, using white glue I attached reins to rider’s hand in proper positions and stirrups with stirrup leathers attached to them were glued to feet. After few hours I glued stirrup leathers to inner sides of legs and after an hour or so I glued the figure to the saddle. The next day cavalryman was mounted on his horse.

For better presentation, on plastic base provided in the kit, acrylic wall filler was applied and sprinkled with fine sand. For better fit to base I pressed horse’s prints in still wet filler. When base got dry I painted it with diluted painting pigments. Meantime I dyed some plumbers’ hemp with diluted painting pigments and after they got dry I cut it into tufts and glued with White Glue to base. As I decided to paint the figure with smock Autumn side out I had to add some dead leafs. These were made of birch seeds dyed with above mentioned pigments glued to base with White Glue.

Before I could attach the figure to the base I had to connect the reins to the bit. It was rather an easy task thanks to leaving extra length during attaching them to hand.

Then I glued horse to the base and as usual I used thin wire to make the connection stronger and stiffer. As final step I applied some pigments powders to horse’s legs to tie the horse to the ground.
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About the Author

About Marcin Kardaszewski (WARLORD)

I began my modelling adventure when I was 12, building 1/72 aircrafts. Few planes later I got bored and gave up my hobby. After few years break I returned to modelling, but switched to modelling 1/35 armour and figures in all scales.


Pointing German from Dragon… how unique… Just kidding, mate! Figure looks very good. I really like the camo and paint chipping on gas mask container. I’m planning to paint several horses in the nearest future so be prepared to answer some questions A.
MAR 27, 2010 - 01:30 AM