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I've Been Working on the Railroad

I airbrushed the entire model with Tamiya Flat Olive Drab, the seats were painted with Tamiya Flat Khaki, the steering wheel ring and the switch balls were painted with Tamiya Gloss Black, the radiator grille was painted Tamiya Flat Black. The only decal I used was an American star inside a circle over the hood, due its vehicle intends to be a British vehicle the American star was used for air recognition only.

I painted all the tail lights using first a primer with aluminum enamel and then using a retroprojector pen. I painted in the correct colors (red for tail lights and yellow for the cat-eyes). The sealed beams were one painted using Tamiya Flat Khaki and the other Tamiya Flat White with a number 2 in black on the center, this number was made with a black retroprojector pen.

About the Author

About Paulo R Castro (ArmouredSprue)

I'm a 43 years old modeller originally from Brazil but now living in the beautiful Adelaide South Australia, and I like to build 1/35th military vehicles, both tanks and AFV and jeeps and trucks. I also enjoy building planes in 1/72, most WWII. Feel free to contact me by e-mail: armouredsprue@gmai...