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I've Been Working on the Railroad

The rest of the model was done practically without modification. I decided not to add the engine (since it going to be a closed hood), I didn't use the piece A16 (jerrycan) that came along with the model. Rather, I used a resin one and made a new jerrycan holder with plasticard. And finally I made a new protection piece for the blackout light with aluminum foil and the blackout light wiring.

The oil cans on the front bumper were scratch built, the same as the Camouflage Net over the hood. For the camouflage net I used gauze (the kind used for first aid) I rolled it and tied it with a thin rope, following I soaked it with a white glue + water solution and set it aside for drying more or less in the same positioning it would be on the jeep, then I airbrushed it using Tamiya acrylics, first Flat Olive Green, followed by vertical stripes with Flat Brown, I also did a light dry brushing using Flat Khaki, the piece was set aside to be added at the end of building.

About the Author

About Paulo R Castro (ArmouredSprue)

I'm a 43 years old modeller originally from Brazil but now living in the beautiful Adelaide South Australia, and I like to build 1/35th military vehicles, both tanks and AFV and jeeps and trucks. I also enjoy building planes in 1/72, most WWII. Feel free to contact me by e-mail: armouredsprue@gmai...