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Lord of Machland

The figure is 54mm white metal from Pegaso Models (54-107), Bavarian Knight with Axe, 1350-70.

Klaus Pagano painted it as Lord of Machland in Austrian heraldy for Historicus Forma - Pegaso Painting Contest.

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About the Author

About Klaus Pagano (Avus)


Hi Klaus, Once again, wonderful work! I loved following your progress in the forums. This is without a doubt one of my favourite entries from the PPC. Again, excellent work. Thanks for publishing, Engin. Rudi
JAN 21, 2007 - 02:42 PM
Thanks to you both! Engin for publishing the pictures and Rudi for following all the progress.
JAN 22, 2007 - 01:13 PM
I have been considering whether to post this observation or not a long time. Eventually I made up my mind and decided to do it. Before posting this observation, I'd like to stress that the winners of the Pegaso Painting Contest have all three well deserved their results and prizes. Here I go: The winners are all 90mm and 75mm figures if I remember correctly. In that scale it is easier to detail the model than in 54mm. So the work looks better. I also suspect that, the voters didn't look at the painting abilities but at the figure. What strikes me most is that the "Aquilifer" by "ricargarci1" got no vote, while I got two with my knight. To me the roman was the best painted 54mm figure (why didn't I vote for it, because I did what I just described and voted for the winner!). IMHO it would have been better to make categories, best 90mm, best 75mm and best 54mm. In each category only one winner (the 1st), winning the 90, 75 and 54mm figure respectively. I understand that it's easy to make these observations after the contest, I should have made them before ... maybe it's a suggestion for next year! Let me remark once again that I'm satisfied with the result of the contest, the winners deserved it, and with my personal achievement, I didn't expect to get 2 votes among all those great figures. Just my two Euro-Cents!
JAN 23, 2007 - 02:03 PM
Hi Klaus, I think alot of what you stated is fairly open to honest and friendly debate. These are by large my personal opinions... I dissagree that the larger scales are easier to model. Yes the cast may have more detail, but as the canvas is bigger mistakes are also more noticable. Many modellers will agree with me when I say that in actual fact the larger scales, 90mm and above in particular are more difficult to paint. Many modellers (including some very well-known painters) won't even touch above 75mm. I agree that perhaps people looked for their favourite figure as opposed to looking to the individual painters best effort. But you can't control the way people think or vote, can you? That wouldn't be fair in itself. When I vote for a competition, be it PPC or SFOTM or evening at my local club, I have a few criteria. Naturally I look for the normal: first impression, cleanliness of the build/assembly, seams, accuracy, overall paintwork, groundwork and presentation, and then a final impression. After doing that I also look at previous works of the modeller (if they exist and if I can find them), and I rate how the modeller has improved (and one can have negative "improvement"). I also look at seemingly arbitrary stuff like the creativity expressed by the modeller, and perhaps even how "brave" a modeller has been in subject selection or painting, etc. As for the different classes... or rather the lack thereof, well this was a condition laid forward by the sponsor, so who are we to complain? But we will take all comments to them... Again, great figure. Rudi
JAN 24, 2007 - 04:45 PM
I appreciate your clean and polite reply to my observations. I wouldn't want to extend this discussion too long in order not to spoil this pleasant event, but let me reply: I didn't express myself very good when saying "that scale it is easier to detail the model". What I meant is on a picture the 90mm looks "cleaner" than the 54mm at the same zoom. Of course when your figure is bigger you have to put more effort in painting it accurately. Clearly there's nothing to do when you ask people to choose what they like best: they will choose what they like best without considering the effort, the growth and other aspects of the subject they are judging (I do so too of course). That's why, maybe for a painting competition a panel of "expert" judges (like you or Engin or Costas or Gino just to name a few) would have been more appropriate (suggestion for next time?). The figure of the month competition is something different it's like the best of the show where people choose the subject they like most. Since the "lack of categories" was decided by the sponsor, I'll bow to their decision, without further comment. Again this is my opinion and I'm open to any constructive comments and objections.
JAN 25, 2007 - 01:39 PM
First of all, thanks to Klaus so much for sharing his thoughts honestly and clearly in the forum. I totally understand both of you (Rudi-Klaus) and there are points I agree on both of your posts. I think it is be so hard to organize an ONLINE figure painting contest in a few different categories as you dont know how many participants you will have..so we had only 9 in this one. (six 54 mm, two 75 and one 90)..and judging system was a members vote as we always do in HF.if it was an open system I believe all these entries deserve to be awarded. I will not make any comments for the PPC because it was a first and was a very good attempt, motivation and organization effort. I just have 2 simple suggestions for the next one and if you all tell your suggestions here we can make a better organization. 1. Lets make a standard category competition.for example; PPC for 54 mm foot (non-mounted) figures. 2. Every entrant will send 2 photos of his work from front and back angles and taken from the same distance. 3.the figures will be judged only for painting skills, the groundwork will not be judged. ....and if all agrees on that ; Lets send photos of entries to Pegaso family and ask them to judge for the first,second and third. bestest regards just my 2 HF-cents
JAN 25, 2007 - 03:10 PM