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BMOM January Online contest - invitation!
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Croatia Hrvatska
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Posted: Friday, January 10, 2003 - 12:01 AM UTC
Show your models and win free models every month!
5th year with you and your models!

Every month we give free models to best model in Misc contest (airplanes,
military vehicles, figures, ships,...) and Cars contest (all cars, trucks
and motorcycles).

You only need to send your model for contest.
Address is: http://www.hrmodeler.com/bmom/

What can compete?
Any kind of scale model, without exception, is welcome. Remember, though, that
a modeller may not enter the contest if he or she has been a winner of the Best
Model of the Month contest in the previous three months.

Models and categories!
The contest has two categories. The "Cars" category includes automobiles,
and motorcycles. The second category is entitled the
and includes airplanes, military vehicles, ships, figures, science fiction subjects
and any other entries not included in the Cars category.

How do I submit my picture(s)?
You may e-mail them to me as file attachments. This is by far the easiest way.
You can use the body of the E-mail to describe the model. The description can
be as long or short as you like. The choice is yours. And finally, please remember
to include your first and last name in the e-mail. I will not post it during
contest, but I will put it in the results.

If your photos are already online, posted on web pages, simply tell me where
they are located and I will pick them up from there.

My e-mail address is: [email protected]

Picture submitting DEADLINE.
Your pictures must be in by midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on the 20th day
of the current month. Pictures submitted after this date will be transferred
to the following month´s contest.

How many models and pictures can I submit?
And how about filetype and size?
You may enter ONLY ONE model in each month's contest, with a maximum of four
(4) photos of that model. JPEG is the preferred format for these photos; pictures
in other formats will be converted to jpegs. I do this in order to be able to
control the size of the picture-file. I´ll try to keep the size below 100 Kilobytes
in order to get a fast loading page. Finally, please try to keep the width of
the pictures to 720 pixels maximum. Larger photos will be resized.

More about rules on contest pages.


Zeljko Segin
http://www.hrmodeler.com/bmom/ BMOM - Online modeling contest
http://www.hrmodeler.com - Fast wheels