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BMOM - Online modeling contest!
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Croatia Hrvatska
Joined: September 13, 2002
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Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 - 12:17 AM UTC
Show your models and win free models every month!
5th year with you and your models!

Every month we give free models to best model in Misc contest (airplanes,
military vehicles, figures, ships,...) and Cars contest (all cars, trucks
and motorcycles).

In Misc category awards this months are: latest issues of Scale Models and Model Aircraft
Monthly magazines
- sponsor Roll Models

You only need to send your model for contest.
Address is: http://www.hrmodeler.com/bmom/

What can compete?
Any kind of scale model, without exception, is welcome. Remember, though, that a modeller may not enter the contest if he or she has been a winner of the Best Model of the Month contest in the previous three months.

Models and categories!
The contest has two categories. The "Cars" category includes automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. The second category is entitled the "Miscellaneous"category, and includes airplanes, military vehicles, ships, figures, science fiction subjects and any other entries not included in the Cars category.

How do I submit my picture(s)?
You may e-mail them to me as file attachments. This is by far the easiest way. You can use the body of the E-mail to describe the model. The description can be as long or short as you like. The choice is yours. And finally, please remember to include your first and last name in the e-mail. I will not post it during contest, but I will put it in the results.

If your photos are already online, posted on web pages, simply tell me where they are located and I will pick them up from there.

My e-mail address is: [email protected]

Picture submitting DEADLINE.
Your pictures must be in by midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on the 20th day of the current month. Pictures submitted after this date will be transferred to the following month´s contest.

How many models and pictures can I submit?
And how about filetype and size?
You may enter ONLY ONE model in each month's contest, with a maximum of four (4) photos of that model. JPEG is the preferred format for these photos; pictures in other formats will be converted to jpegs. I do this in order to be able to control the size of the picture-file. I´ll try to keep the size below 100 Kilobytes in order to get a fast loading page. Finally, please try to keep the width of the pictures to 720 pixels maximum. Larger photos will be resized.

Voting and awards:
Voting begins on the 21st day of each month and ends on the last day of that month, in both cases at Midnight, Greenwich Mean Time.

You may vote for one model in each of the two categories, Car and Miscellaneous. The model that receives the highest number of votes from the public will become the "Best Model Of The Month, People's Choice".

The points awarded to the First, Second and Third Place "People's Choice" winners in each of the two categories will be combined with the points awarded to each entered model by our panel of judges to decide the "CONTEST WINNER" for each category. Prizes will be awarded to the CONTEST WINNER of each category in each month's contest. There will be NO award for "WINNER OF CONTEST BY PEOPLE'S CHOICE". This may change in the future, if I am able to find a sponsor for the "People's Choice" awards. If this occurs, I will post a note to that effect on the front page of the contest.

Once again, please note that "People's Choice" winners will not receive prizes; prizes are awarded only to the "Contest Winner" of each category.

Why are no prizes awarded to People's Choice winners?
Experience has shown on several occasions that the People's Choice winner is often decided by the popularity of the modeller, rather than the quality of the model entered. Some modellers who are very popular and have many friends will always receive many votes, even if their entry is not necessarily the best model entered in the contest. To avoid this problem, the winners of this contest are decided by a panel of impartial judges. However, the "People" will count as one judge, their choice of winners being determined by the results of the People's Choice voting in each category.

No voting entry will be accepted unless your full name is given. You must provide your full first and last name in the body of your e-mail when voting, along with your e-mail address. This e-mail address must match the address your e-mail was sent from. Please don't be afraid to include your e-mail address. I promise that I do not collect e-mail addresses, send spam messages, or sell addresses to others.

It has been our experience that some people use several e-mail addresses, i.e. those of family members, friends, work, etc., to vote for themselves. FRIENDS ARE WELCOME, BUT PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF MORE THAN ONCE FROM DIFFERENT E-MAIL ADDRESSES. I will check any suspicious e-mail addresses. Only one vote will be accepted from each e-mail address. We all want fair voting; if you should have any further suggestions related to keeping the contest fair, please send them to me.

Once again, friends are welcome to vote, but please don't go around and purposely collect people to vote for you. I think that this is unfair and if I see or hear that somebody is doing this I will eject him or her from the contest. You may tell people that your model is entered in the contest, but please remind them to vote fairly!

I will send a "thank you" e-mail to everyone who has cast a valid vote. If you don't receive this "thank you" within 24 hours, your vote probably hasn't been accepted. Reasons for this may include: incomplete vote, different e-mail address from sender's address, and more than one vote cast from same address.

Who are judges and how they judge?
The judging panel is comprised of previous winners of the Best Model of the Month contest, sponsors of the BMOM contest, people who have their own online model contests, or judges in real-life model competitions. All have accepted my invitation to participate as judges.

The judges make their choices independently, without influence on each other. Each judge awards 3 points to the model they decide is best, 2 points to their second choice and 1 point to the model they feel is third best in each category. I then tally these points, together with the points awarded to the winners of the People's Choice, to determine the winners of the two contest categories.

Zeljko Segin

BMOM Contest: http://www.hrmodeler.com/bmom/
Fast wheels - http://www.hrmodeler.com