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A complete list of tutorials available
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Posted: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - 05:31 AM UTC
Here is a complete list of the model tutorials available on my web site. There's a little something for everyone from Figures to Science Fiction to Automotive.

All of these tutorials are available at: http://www.pcmodeler.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index

Performing a Gentleman's Chop by Mark Fergel
Don't throw away those kit headers by Greg Dude
Flocking an Interior by Mark Fergel
Could you check the oil please? by Greg Dude
Holley Dual Feed Line by Greg Dude
Building Testors 1/48 Scale XR-7 Thunderdart by Mark Fergel
A Simple Conversion of the Toko GAS-AA by Ian Sadler
Building the Italeri 1/35 Scale Schwimmwagen by Mark Fergel
Scratchbuilding Hoods and Bonnets by Ian Sadler
Italeri 1/35 Scale Willys 4x4 Jeep Recon Conversion by Mark Fergel
Correcting the Tamiya 1/35 Scale Lee/Grant by Mark Fergel
M8 Greyhound Construction by Luke Pitt
GAZ-AAA Mid-production 1942 Austerity Version by Ian Sadler
Toko 1/35 GAZ AA/GAZ AAA by Ian Sadler
LVT Book List by Ian Sadler
Painting Figures in Oils by Rolando Gutierrez
The Thor Project - Converting the Toy Biz Thor by Norman Piatt
The Spawn Project - Converting the ToyBiz Venom by Norman Piatt
Hiding Seams on Figure Kits by Mark Fergel
Painting Nemo Miniatures 28mm Swamp Dragon
Stripping, Building and Repainting Revell's George Harrison Kit by Alan Nadel
Scanning Photos for the Internet by Mark Fergel
Fueling the Fire by Mark Fergel
Building a Quick and Easy Base/Diorama by Mark Fergel
Stripping Paint: A Quick Rundown on Several Methods by Mark Fergel
Building a Simple Paint Booth by Shawn M. Lynch
Performing a Wash with Acrylics by Dirk Stiller
Achieving a High Gloss Finish (Polishing Paint) by Mark Fergel
Future Floor Wax as a Gloss Coat by J.D. Spearman
A Quick and Easy Paint Rack by Norman Piatt
Spotting recasts by Anonymous
Reworking AMT/ERTL'S Classic Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise by Alan Nadel
Revell/Monogram "Battlestar Galactica" Cylon Raider by Paul Gilbert
Accurizing the "Space:1999" Alpha Moonbase by Paul Gilbert
Building the Klingon VuL' Ktar Class "Kronos Do'" by Michael Bower Putman
Scratch building - Styrene Scale Thickness (972 Reads)
Building MPC's "Star Wars" Snap-Fit X-wing by Mark Fergel
Building The Polar Lights Lost in Space Robot (TV Series) by Mark Fergel
Building the Star Wars Rebel Snowspeeder by Jim Davis