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In-Box Review
Warcanto bases
Warcanto Dwarfs Bases 20x20mm (5)
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by: Andrzej Snigorski [ ENDRJU007 ]

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Historicus Forma


Polish company Micro Art Studio offers, among many other types, battle bases dedicated for WarCanto system.
Warcanto is skirmish game placed in Duael/Greatland world where Dwarfs, Org’kka (Orks), Lidd (sort of Werewolfs), Elves, Men and Volgars (demonically deformed Dwarfs) led by heroes meet in purpose to explore the game’s world and compete against each other.
Game was created and is developed by another Polish company – Dwarf Tales from Poznan.


Micro Art Studio offers 20x20mm bases dedicated for WarCanto system. Bases may be used to any other systems or game-unrelated figures matching the stylization of the bases.
Bases come in standard Micro Art Studio transparent blister with the name of set printed on cardboard inlay. Bases are protected by black foam from the back.
MAS created 12 different bases (four of them are mirror matches of other four) but with the purchase you receive 5 of them, picked randomly. All of them were sculpted by Sebastian Makowski basing on concept by Kubasa. The bases' style correspond to the pictures from Warcanto’s Dwarven experience tree.
Picture of whole set shows that all bases create sort of mosaic picture kept in rough, geometrical shapes style quite matching popular image of Dwarfish art and craftsmanship.
Dwarf faces (or parts of them), anvil and battle axe are shown on each base.

Detailing and Quality

Bases are made of grey resin. Pouring is flawless and no crack, material lacks or bubbles have been spotted. MAS proves their experience in battle bases production – once again all details of bases, small crack of mosaic plates’ edges and textures are very nicely sculpted and should be great fun to paint. Design is very nice and even bases as small as 20x20mm show nice representation of “dwarfish” art of architecture. No flesh is present and since bases were poured upside down no seam lines are present.


Vary small but very nice and high quality bases from MAS. Although single base may fit only very small figure (they’re dedicated to wargaming figures) but they may be easily used as part of bigger base – one can easily make bigger mosaic of few bases joined together or use them just as ornamented parts of floor or even walls. They are flat so any figure may be easily placed on them.

Picture of painted bases is taken from Micro Art Studio website.
Highs: interesting ornamenting and high quality
Lows: dedicated for very small figures only
Verdict: highly recommended for small, wargaming figures, may be useful for bigger scale vignettes
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Multiple S
  Mfg. ID: B02901
  Suggested Retail: 4,92
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 03, 2012

Our Thanks to Micro Art Studio!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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