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In-Box Review
German Tank Officer WW2

by: Andy Herbert

This is a figure that I picked up at a train/model expo in Montreal a few years ago. I looked at all the offerings there, and with my meager cash on hand had to settle for just one, and this guy was it. This was my first resin figure, and I was mighty impressed. The kit comprises three parts: the left arm, head with cap, and the rest of him. The figure is of a mid/late war SS tank officer looking slightly to his left and standing with his right hand on his belt, left arm at his side. He has a rather haughty look to him. He is wearing an officer's cap, the panzer jacket over a roll neck sweater, and the reversible winter trousers. The collar patches have SS runes on the right side, and a couple of pips on the left.

Given what I've heard about many resin figures, I was pleased to find a brief painting guide in the bag with the figure. I have acquired enough references for this to be unnecessary, but I think it's the mark of a good kit to supply some details. There wers some colour suggestions for each item of apparel and reference suggestions. The photo on the box serves as the reference for construction. With a three item part list I had no trouble with the construction!! The resin carriers were easy to remove, and I used wet/dry sand paper and an Xacto knife to remove the attachment points and the faint molding lines present in a couple of spots. There were two air bubbles in total, and I filled those with Tamiya putty. The left arm required a miniscule amount of filling at the joint with the torso. The only other "construction" element I contributed was to file down the neck a bit, because it was too long.

I primed the figure with el-cheapo Walmart Grey primer. This highlighted all the details and I was very impressed with the figure at this stage. The facial expression is subtle, yet convincing, and the uniform details sprang to life. I used a simple paint scheme for the uniform, using mostly Tamiya and Humbrol paints. I gave him a black jacket with highlights picked out in Tamiya Panzer Grey. He has grey trousers, a grey sweater, and a field grey cap. The pink waffenfarbe was easy to paint on given the quality of the figure. I was working on a Tamiya figure at the same time, and I'm going to have to save my pennies, because the injection molded figures just pale in comparison.

The face was done in oils following Mark Bannerman's method detailed in the TL/ML articles. Or at least, it was my reasonable facsimile of that method! The face was much easier to paint than others I've tried, again highlighting the quality of this offering. He pretty much sprang to life with very little work on my part. I highly recommend this figure, and now my problem is that I am having trouble finding more of these Wolf figures to work on!

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WAW11
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 20, 2002

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