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Book Review
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by: Darren Baker


The MILITÄR FAHRZEUG series of books from Tankograd Publishing is a quarterly publication. The books usually cover the content of the other books released by Tankograd Publishing is obviously shorter segments and further more covers other areas of interest in a single publication. So let’s see what we have inside.


This offering of MILITÄR FAHRZEUG offers 56 A4 Pages of a good quality semi gloss paper hat shows off photographs to a high standard. The pages are protected by a card cover that seems to do a good job of protection from my experience. Unlike most releases from Tankograd Publishing this series of books are printed with German text only, but even if you cannot understand the text the pictures are well worth the purchase cost of the publication. The contents break down as below:

Weapon systems of the Bundeswehr: bridge laying system LEGUAN
Vehicle History of the Wehrmacht: Experimental PzKpfw III - Z.W. 40
Industry News: Off road power boosters for tank transporters
Museums Events Collector's Scene: 1st CAV Museum Fort Hood, Texas
German military technology abroad: UNIMOG Mother Ship in Australia
News from the industry: New Liebherr mobile cranes for the German Armed Forces
Imperial German Army 1st World War: Lancia 1zM Armored Car (Part 1 Prehistory)
Good Old Time maneuver: British Army "Fighting Herold 88"
Museums Events Collector's Scene: Museo Du Combatente, Lisbon
Weapon systems of the Bundeswehr: New claws for the Puma: MELLS
Weapon systems of the Bundeswehr: Main battle tank M 48 A1 in the Bundeswehr
Museums events collector scene: GRILL HEMTT

I will cover a few of the items covered in this title in a little more depth.
Weapon systems of the Bundeswehr: bridge laying system LEGUAN
This chapter covers 8 pages of the title and shows very well just how effective this bridging vehicle is. The title cover the vehicle in a series of pictures laying an impressively sized bridge of 26 meters or if you prefer 85ft, that is a good sized river or obstacle that can be bridged by this vehicle. Also covered in this section is the delivery of the bridging unit for use by the vehicle and how it is loaded.
German military technology abroad: UNIMOG Mother Ship in Australia
This section of the title obviously covers the use of the Unimog by Australian armed forces. This is covered in only 4 pages, but with the interest in the vehicles of the Australian Army it is a welcome addition here from a visual reference standpoint.

Imperial German Army 1st World War: Lancia 1zM Armored Car (Part 1 Prehistory)
This area is covered over 10 pages and is one area of the title where I wish I could read German. Visually this section has some very nice photographs that display various views of the vehicle to a good degree, especially true when you consider the period of history where this vehicle was at its prime. It is in my opinion the most impressive coverage of a vehicle I can recall seeing over so few pages.

Good Old Time maneuver: British Army "Fighting Herold 88"
This is the last section I am going to look at for this review and that is because it reminds of what the British Army use to be rather than what it has been reduced to today. This area provides a number of photographs of mostly British vehicles and covers the Chieftain tank towards the end of its life and replacement with the Challenger 1 MBT. One image caught my eye in particular and shows a Chieftain of the 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards with a tiger stripe type of camouflage and I am hoping that someone can provide more images of this vehicle or camouflage use on the Chieftain as it will make an eye catching finish.


This is a very nice addition to the MILITÄR FAHRZEUG series of books from Tankograd Publishing. The use of German text only did mean I was unable to read a part that looked particularly interesting, but I fully understand the reasons why Tankograd Publishing was forced into this position as regards this series. The price of €9.90 does negate the text issue in my opinion as the photographic content makes it well worth the money.
Darren Baker takes a look at the latest offering in the MILITÄR FAHRZEUG series from Tankograd Publishing.
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  Mfg. ID: Nr. 2-2018
  Suggested Retail: €9.90
  PUBLISHED: Apr 17, 2018

Our Thanks to Tankograd Publishing!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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