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  • 6379-1
A surprising though VERY welcome announcement from Dragon Models.
  • 001277

Dragon have announced a 1/35 scale kit of the 75 mm M4 Sherman.

  • l_DRA7364WN
Ask anyone who works in 1/72nd scale and one of their (justifiable) frustrations is the lack of suitable, injection-moulded figures in this scale. Here's some GOOD news...
  • l_DRA6530
Dragon have announced a German Self-Propelled-Gun Crew in 1/35th scale.
  • 6445-1
Another 1/35th scale reworking from Dragon Models in their 'Premium Edition' series
  • 6470-poster
Yet ANOTHER 1/35th scale release from Dragon Models Limited.
  • 6384-1
Dragon Models have just published their poster for their New Panther G - with Zimmerit.
  • 6351-1
Dragon Models have just published the first images of their latest JagdTiger.
  • l_DRA6477
Dragon Models have just announced their latest 1/35th scale figure set.
  • up21
After-market accessories have tended to be items produced by smaller, specialized companies. Now however, Dragon Models (through their Cyber-Hobby subsidiary) have joined other manufacturers in launching their own range.
  • 6383-11
Another expansion of a story we ran the other day on DML's future releases.
  • 6467-11
When Dragon announced a series of new releases yesterday, the poster for this particular model was in a form that made it difficult to reproduce the images. Now, with a higher resolution poster being published it's a lot easier..
  • 6467-1
Unusually, we're now getting some indicators from Dragon Models as to their future direction....
  • 6490-poster-m
The latest from Dragon Models in 1/35th scale.
  • 6447-1
The battle of the Shermans continues with Dragon Models unveiling the poster for their M4a1.
  • l_DRA6478
Just announced on the DragonUSA website is a new, four-figure set from DML
  • 6425-1
Dragon Models have just announced their latest variant on the 250.
  • 6457-poster
Announced by Dragon Models back in June, this new set seems to be getting nearer release...
  • 00001_2
Dragon are to release the latest in their long line of T-34 kits, a Smart kit of the T-34/76 Mod.1942 with the Hexagonal Turret.

  • 002102
Dragon have published the poster for their M16 Halftrack.

  • 17120
New from Dragon is a Panzer IV Ausf.E Tauchpanzer.
  • l_DRA6380
Dragon USA have announced a very welcome release in the form of a set of Commonwealth Infantry Italy 1943.
  • 001148
Dragon have announce the release of a Panther-F with steel wheels in Smart kit form.
  • 00674
Dragon have announced another German figure set.
  • 11020
Dragon have announced a 1/35 scale kit of the Sd.Kfz.138/1 Geschützwagen 38 M für s.IG.33/2.

  • 6325-1
'Premium Editions' kits are DML's equivalent of a 'Service Life Extension Program' when they take a previous release and update it by adding Photo-Etch or reworking some of the elements. Here's their latest one.
  • 6457
Dragon Models Ltd. have just sent us images of the box-art of a VERY unusual figure set...
  • l_DRA6464
Funnily enough, with the announcement from DML the other day, I was half-expecting a Marder II....
  • l_DRA6479
Via their DragonUSA website, DML have announced another T34/76 variant.
  • 6432-1
Dragon Models Limited have just made another AFV announcement.
  • 6460-11
Dragon Models Limited have just published the details and images of their new Brummbär model.
  • 6378-1
A very unusual release has been announced thru DragonUSA.
  • 6391-poster
The 47th Shizuoka Show in Japan opened this morning. Three announcement were made by Dragon Models which will surprise many...
  • l_DRA6374-1
In a follow-up to Pat's earlier story, here's an update with images of the new set.
  • l_DRA6444wn
Premium Edition kits are older models from DML's catalogue which are given a complete update. Here's the latest from DML, in the form of a 1/35th scale Pak 38 with Crew.
  • 6462-1
Dragon Models have just published the first image of their latest M4a2,
  • l_DRA6376
the other day, I reported briefly on DML's new Soviet Infantry set. Now, bringing the story up to date, here are the images of the set itself....
  • l_DRA6374
Dragon are to release a Gen2 set containing two Panzerschreck Teams.
  • 7360-WN
Dragon Models continue to expand their 1/72nd scale range - this time, with a new LCM.
  • l_DRA6376
Previously, the majority of Dragon Models figure releases (in their excellent GEN II range) have been German. Now, via DragonUSA, comes news of a slightly different direction.
  • l_DRA3540_MFU9
Reprinted from a News Item on Aeroscale by GINO P. QUINTILIANI (HeavyArty):

It looks as though Dragon has given the same "upgraded" treatment to Panda's 1/35 UH-1N as they did to their 1/35 UH-1D/H model.
  • 6466
Two new releases from Dragon Models have been announced.
  • Olympics-camera-team-Test2
The trend amongst several manufacturers at the moment, is to produce 'vignettes-in-a-box'. This is particularly notable from companies such as Masterbox or, the recently announced set from ICM. Now, for the first time, Dragon Models Ltd. have announced a similar iniative.
  • M4A2a
DML have announced the release of 6231 British Sherman Mk.III Mid Production Sicily
  • 6454-1
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest Stug in 1/35th scale.
  • Sd.Kfz.251/2 Ausf.D mit 28cm Rocket
Dragon are to release the Sd.Kfz.251/2 Ausf.D with 28cm Rockets and Steel Frame Crates in Braille scale.

  • Fallschirmjäger w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer42
Dragon have announced a set of Gen 2 Fallschirmjäger w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer42.
  • 6377-1
At the beginning of December, Pat McGrath first posted the advance news of DML's Future U.S. Infantry release. Now, the company have sent us images of this interesting new set.
  • l_DRA7361
Firstly, my thanks to whoever noticed this and posted it on the Forums. This report covers two releases, significant enough on their own, but with the news that DML are now doing figures in 1/72nd scale, the story takes on a different dimension.
  • 6390-1
Announced back in september, we can now bring images of this long-awaited figure set from Dragon Models.