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A short while ago, at the Japanese Hobby Show, Dragon Models had, amongst their four 'secret item' announcements a NEW 1/35th scale Stug. Now, some more details have emerged.
There is undoubtedly a strong interest amongst many modellers for photographic material covering the 'aftermath' of war and an equally strong interest in seeing vehicles under 'new ownership' the success of series such as 'Panzerwrecks' or sites such as 'BeutePaner' have undoubtedly helped to fuel this interest. Now, comes news of a NEW stufy of the subject from Concord Publications
The BBC is reporting that Horsby is taking over Airfix and Humbrol. After Airfix went into Administration earlier this year, they now have a new start.
The publishing house Panzerwrecks, have just announced the THIRD volume in their very interesting series...
One of the more interesting figure companies in recent years, was undoubtedly, Yanks Miniatures. Now, the owner of the new company, Paul Wilkie, has reworked the range and it has now been relaunched....
The decal producer, Archer Fine Transfers, certainly seems to be ahead of the game with a series of new, 1/35th scale decal sheets complementing some of the recent kit releases....
One of the companies which is increasing its reputation for both originality and quality' is the Russian manufacturer, MiniArt. Now, the company has sent us details of their latest releases for November...
One of the more interesting subjects for modellers and historians, has been the use of AFV turrets as fixed fortifications. Many parts of the world have seen these defences - from the Russo-Sino border to unlikely locations such as the frontier between Spain and France. This new book, from Crowood Press, looks at a century of developments of this type...
Techmod have announced a new series of Spitfire Mk. IX decals. The aircraft featured are all flown by Polish Squadrons in the RAF during WW2.
In the case of the M4 Sherman, the most sought after book for the enthusiast is undoubtedly Hunnicutt, in the case of the Soviet T34, it was clearly 'Mythical Weapon', now news comes from AirConnection of a NEW edition of the book...
We are pleased to announce that the Michael Roberts Ltd products are now available in the UK through El Greco Miniatures.
The Czech company, PlusModel, haven't been the subject of a news report for a while. In this the first of two reports, the subject is their latest/recent releases for Armor modellers...
A new, long-awaited, book has been released in Beirut about 30 years of military vehicles in Lebanon...
The Polish distributor/retailer Jadar Model has just announced three new decal releases from the Polish manufacturer, ARMO
Since the release of Tamiya's Char B1BIS model in 1/35th scale, there haev been a number of update sets for the kit in decals and AM parts. However, few decal sheets cover the vehicle in such depth as the new sheets from Echelon...
The Czech company Eduard, have announced another large list of Armor releases in 1/35th and 1/48th scale.
HardCorps Models was set up to specialize in U.S.M.C. vehicles, figures and reference material. Now the company has announced a series of new releases - all with the same theme: Iwo Jima...
Mentioned in the forums, now a complete rundown of the complete list of releases from the Shanghai-based AM manufacturer, Lionroar
The Polish AfterMarket manufacturer Aber, have announced their latest release schedule:
Dataview Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of two new titles...

Mig Productions has just announced that they are now producing their BRONEKATER patrol boat in the smaller 1/72nd scale...
The French, 1/48th specialist, Propaganda Kompany, has ceased trading,
For a long time, few books covered the AMX-13 in detail. Now, with this book, the long wait is over
Thanks to the Cyber-Hobby division of DML, we are able to bring an exclusive...
The Shanghai-based AM manufacturer, Voyager Model, have announced their latest release list. Once again, reflecting what is happening in the AM market, two scales are represented: 1/35th and 1/48th...
Looking for detailed photo references for Dragon's new M2/M2A1 half-track kit? Well, Toadman's Tank Pictures has just what you need with the release of their latest photo detail CD..
The Polish manufacturer, Armorscale has just announced another impressive list of new releases in both 1/35th and 1/72nd scale.
With the announcement of the new M2 (and probably an M3) from DML, now seems like a good time to consider some reference material. The publisher, Easy1 Productions, have just announced a special offer on some VERY complete refernce material...
I have just been given news of what we can expect from Trumpeter in the first quarter of 2007...
One of the more interesting 'crossovers' between Armor and Aviation is undoubtedly the area of Gliders. Now, a new subject in 1/35th scale has been released from a new company - Penguin Models
In the last few years, it is no exaggeration to say that acrylics have taken over from enamels as the primary choice for modellers. Jadar Models in Poland, has launched an exclusive new range of acrylics with the Czech company, Agama
Just seen on ModelGeek, Taesung Harmms reports that Alpine Miniatures has a new address and fax number effective Sept. 1, 2006:
The excitement over the autumn line-up from Eduard is overshadowed by personal tragedy within the company.
Here's NEWS, Company images, and product images of a new vendor added to Model Shipwrights databanks, MODELIK!
Good news for those of you building NMF Models. For years one of my favorite products has been SnJ, particularly their Polishing Powder.
There is a 'mini-revival' going on at the moment in fascinating area of Early-war French armor. Much of it has inevitably been sparked by Tamiya's Char B1 Bis in 1/35th scale although other manufacturers such as Bronco and Trumpeter have also produced subjects. The continuing problem remains with reference material - Editions Du Barbotin with their excellent Trackstory series, seem to be doing their best to fill the void...
The increasingly well-known (and well-received) manufacturer, MiniArt, has just sent us details of their september release schedule...
Here's some advanced News, Details, and Images of three exciting new titles, just for the salty side, from Osprey Publishing!
There was a degree of consternation, when the epitome of plastic modelling Airfix, was announced to be in serious financial difficulties. Now, it seems some hope is on the horizon....
Airfix, the venerable model staple is having financial trouble. The parent company Humbrol announes that it is going into "administration".
Four models made it in the September new release page from MPM. But there is more to come in the future...
Here's News of a new vendor added to the Newsfeed of Model Shipwrights, Blue Jacket Shipcrafters!
Historicus Forma member Kenny Loup (subhunter), owner/operator/artist of Gator's Paint Mask fame, has recently announced a new line of products: hand crafted wooden display bases, marketed under the name Brimstone Display Bases.
Aftermarket Armor are offering another useful discount for Armorama customers...
This new system from Modelling Zenith looks set to revolutionize the application of PE! No soldering, easy application, and a super-strong result!
NEWS just in to the MSW Newsdesk!

Kenny Loup (subhunter), owner/operator/artist of Gator's Paint Mask fame, now has a full line of hand crafted wooden display bases for your modeling subjects.

Read the full story below!!

Miroslav Hraban has just informed us that his new website is up and running!
Introducing a new vendor to MSW, Morning Sunshine Models, for the Shipwright Braille Scale Enthusiast!
It's always good to see a classic local model shop thrive - and Dorking Models has expanded its existing mail order service to include full on-line shopping..
Techmod have plenty to keep fans of the Vought SB2-U Vindicator happy with the release of 3 sets in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales.
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