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Dragon Models have announced two new 1/35th scale figure sets. Curiously enough, one is part of their continuing 'Premium Edition' program, the other, a welcome addition to their Generation Two series...
The Polish barrel and AM manufacturer, Armorscale have just announced their first releases of the year in both 1/35th and 1/72nd scales...
Spanish manufacturer NIMIX have just announced a fantastic new special offer.
MMD/Squadron and The VLS Corporation have recently announced the merger of the two companies - or rather, the acquisition of The VLS Corporation by MMD/Squadron.
Tank Workshop has released a new German AFV Accessory kit to compliment Dragon's Marder II kit.
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Dragon Models seem to be developing an extraordinary momentum with the 'reworked' Premium Edition releases - here's the 2nd in two days....
We're adding four new colours to our Colourcoats line of enamels:
With the complexity of some of the PE (Photo-Etch) being produced nowadays and the necessity to produce sharp 'folds' a good folding toool has become a must. Now, Mission Models have announced the latest evolution of their popular Etchmate
Legend Productions of Korea, seem to be announcing new releases every week or so, here are the latest - specifically for the Allied enthusiast in 1/35th scale:
Recently, when Dragon Models released their Premium Edition T34/85 Mod 1944, it was a BIG improvement on the previous editions which had been released before. Now, they are about to take the T34/85 a little further...
Hauler, from the Czech Republic, are now beginning to feature more and more in Reviews and News items across the 'web. Looking at the way their products have been received, this is NOT entirely surprising....
Voyager Model continues with its substantial release schedule for 1/35th scale armor.
Mig Productions should require little in the way of introduction - suffice to say that their new releases ALWAYS surprise. This month is cetainly NO exception!
Something very different in this calendar for 2007..
With the complexity of some of the PE (Photo-Etch) being produced nowadays and the necessity to produce sharp 'folds' a good folding tool has become a must. Now, Mission Models have announced the latest evolution of their popular Etchmate
LionRoar have just announced two new 1/35th scale releases:
The decal manufacturer, Echelon Fine Details have just sent us advance news of two VERY interesting new decal sheets for vehicles in Iraq...
The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel have announced three new releases - two complete 1/35th scale kits and a 1/48th scale diorama accesory:
We are adding six new WW2 Italian vehicle colours to our line of Colourcoats enamels:
Dataview Publishing would like to announce the arrival of:a new resource...
Few companies are quite as specialized as Hard Corps Models. Since their inception, the company has concentrated ENTIRELY on update/conversion sets for U.S. Marine vehicles in the the Pacific Theater. Interesting however, as their range is, this new release is undoubtedly the most original yet..
LionMarc Model Designs are another of those AM specialists who have gained a very high reputaion for their updates, tracksets and gun barrels. Mow, the company has announced a new release in 1/35th scale along with two new products from IMA - International Models Asia.
The Scottish Armor/AM manufacturer, Cromwell Models have just announced a considerable number of new releases in 1/72nd and 1/76th scale...
A few months ago, Blue Steel's first book was published, dealing with T-55s in Southern Lebanon. Now the second book is about to be published with an equally interesting topic...
Tankograd Publishing has regularly featured here on Armorama - particularly in the review section. Now comes some very welcome news from the company.
Techmod have announced a series of exciting decals for that classic of the USN - the Douglas Devastator. Two sets are being prepared in 1/72 and 1/48 scales for the Valom and Revell/Monogram kits respectively.
The initial campains of O.I.F. have been pretty well-documented in various publicarions. However, the current phase, the continuing battle against the insurgency in Iraq, is, only now, beginning to get similar coverage. This new book from Concord Publications, looks at the continuing fight against the insurgency - with a particular focus on the vehicles...
Looking for something different in calendars? Fed-up with cute images on the walls? Then this range of themed calendars may just be what you're looking for....
The VLS subsidiary, TRAKZ, have announced four alternative wheel sets for DML's New M2 Half-Track:
I have just received delivery of a new groundwork line from Belgium. This new manufacturer's company name is Joefix Studios. They have their own web site: Joefix Studios
The Czech model and AM manufacturer, PlusModel, have recently announced two, new, 1/35th scale releases
Accurate Armour has just announced a considerable number of new releases in both 1/35th scale and 1/48th...
A short whle ago, I ran an update on the French publishers Editions du Barbotin - the publishers of the excellent Trackstory books on French armor. In that report, I briefly mentioned a forthcoming book on the M4 Sherman in French service, now, the information can be updated....
The Shanghai-based AfterMarket company LionRoar, have announced two new releases. The first is undoubtedly their most spectacular and largest update set yet...
A short while ago, at the Japanese Hobby Show, Dragon Models had, amongst their four 'secret item' announcements a NEW 1/35th scale Stug. Now, some more details have emerged.
There is undoubtedly a strong interest amongst many modellers for photographic material covering the 'aftermath' of war and an equally strong interest in seeing vehicles under 'new ownership' the success of series such as 'Panzerwrecks' or sites such as 'BeutePaner' have undoubtedly helped to fuel this interest. Now, comes news of a NEW stufy of the subject from Concord Publications
The BBC is reporting that Horsby is taking over Airfix and Humbrol. After Airfix went into Administration earlier this year, they now have a new start.
The publishing house Panzerwrecks, have just announced the THIRD volume in their very interesting series...
One of the more interesting figure companies in recent years, was undoubtedly, Yanks Miniatures. Now, the owner of the new company, Paul Wilkie, has reworked the range and it has now been relaunched....
The decal producer, Archer Fine Transfers, certainly seems to be ahead of the game with a series of new, 1/35th scale decal sheets complementing some of the recent kit releases....
One of the companies which is increasing its reputation for both originality and quality' is the Russian manufacturer, MiniArt. Now, the company has sent us details of their latest releases for November...
One of the more interesting subjects for modellers and historians, has been the use of AFV turrets as fixed fortifications. Many parts of the world have seen these defences - from the Russo-Sino border to unlikely locations such as the frontier between Spain and France. This new book, from Crowood Press, looks at a century of developments of this type...
Techmod have announced a new series of Spitfire Mk. IX decals. The aircraft featured are all flown by Polish Squadrons in the RAF during WW2.
In the case of the M4 Sherman, the most sought after book for the enthusiast is undoubtedly Hunnicutt, in the case of the Soviet T34, it was clearly 'Mythical Weapon', now news comes from AirConnection of a NEW edition of the book...
We are pleased to announce that the Michael Roberts Ltd products are now available in the UK through El Greco Miniatures.
The Czech company, PlusModel, haven't been the subject of a news report for a while. In this the first of two reports, the subject is their latest/recent releases for Armor modellers...
A new, long-awaited, book has been released in Beirut about 30 years of military vehicles in Lebanon...
The Polish distributor/retailer Jadar Model has just announced three new decal releases from the Polish manufacturer, ARMO
Since the release of Tamiya's Char B1BIS model in 1/35th scale, there haev been a number of update sets for the kit in decals and AM parts. However, few decal sheets cover the vehicle in such depth as the new sheets from Echelon...
The Czech company Eduard, have announced another large list of Armor releases in 1/35th and 1/48th scale.
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