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  • 07194
Miniart are set to release three new Diorama sets in December.
  • 003136
NIMIX have launched a new line of bases and buildings in 1/48 scale.

  • 002151
MK35 Editions have announced a new diorama accessory set in 1/35 scale -WWII Road signs France 1940-1945 SET 1.

  • 08811
Two NEW Diorama products haev just been announced by PlusModel.
  • 9781846032325
Expanding of their ever growing of reference books, Osprey Publishing has announced the release of their Confederate Ironclad vs Union Ironclad Hampton Roads 1862. This book contains a concise history and information about the competing ironclad vessels of the Civil War within its 80 pages. This promises to be a fine addition to any reference library. It is expected to be available in November 2008 and it has a current retail price UK pounds 12.99.
  • 001199
MK35 have announced a new accessory set for use with pigments that may be of use to some modelers.
  • 351771
Mig Productions have just sent us advance details and images of their NEW releases.
  • UMM-48503_L
Modelimex have published sprue-shots of Unimodels' brand new 1/48 scale GAZ-AAA. The kit of the ubiquitous Soviet truck is bound to be hugely useful for VVS dioramas and vignettes.
  • 36015_1
Several new releases from MiniArt Limited with the majority featuring Dioram bases although there's another variant on the Bantam Jeep.
  • 31510
PlusModel have just sent us details of their latest 1/35th scale releases for Dioramas,
  • 001193
Miniart have announced the release of another vacuform diorama base:- Village Diorama Base with Ruined House
Due to the economic happenings Smith Military Modeling has decided to do a sitewide all product price drop. As we all know prices of everything from gas to groceries have gone up to a point that we are all afraid to spend any money on ourselves, well to help combat this problem Smith Military Modeling has decided to cut their prices.
  • MPD049a
Monroe Perdu Studios have just announced a new diorama item.
  • 05174
Mk35 have a new release of interest to Diorama makers:

B018 Norman House WWII
  • BAR-173
Build-A-Rama offers a wide range of diorama accessories for a cross-over crowd: war gaming and modeling. They are adding a series of various “Smoke” products.
  • most_2_1
News of a recently formed company from Russia - Bastion 35 whose speciality is wooden structures such as bridges or Russian structures in 1/35th scale.
  • thebelgianschool
From Italian company Auriga Publishing comes a showcase of Belgian Modelling.
  • 72356
Some interesting Dio Accessories in 1/72 and 1/35 scale this month from MIG Productions.
  • 36011
Miniart have announced the release of another vacuform diorama base.
  • 35047_Wall_Carpets
Reailty in scale enlarge their range with some very versatile products which will be useful addtions to many dioramas.
  • DSCF1421
The THING is now available.

(No this isn't a Sci fi release posted in the wrong place, read on -Editor)

  • 1-35gate1
MecModels has just released a new diorama item: a 1/35 scale Vietnamese gate.
  • portada_elements_02
The Spanish Publisher, Xtreme Modelling has announced their second title in a range of books dealing with aspects of terrain modeling.
  • spanish_way_portada
Xtreme Modelling is a Spanish publisher who are creating an excellent reputation for themselves with some extraordinarily good publications. Here's news of their latest.
  • Vietnamese_gravestones1
MecModels is a new, small, one man business specializing in 1/35 Vietnam-diorama accessories. MecModels tries to offer original accessories to give your Vietnam-dioramas something special.
  • DSC_00055
PFA Productions adds more accessories to their laser cut diorama line. This outhouse kit will add to any rural WWII farm house setting. It can even be used in some more modern settings.
  • HQ-R-RH01
We are happy to announce the first of a long line of 1/72nd scale Row Houses from HQ72 Resin Products.
  • DSCF1226
Spectre Hobbies has put together what we think is an ideal aid in miniature scenery and basing.

Adding an instant theme to a base has never been so easy. Add as much or as little as you want to give yourself countless variations.

This kit contains all you need to create techy urban bases for your miniatures all in one box.
  • DSCF1226
Spectre Hobbies has put together what we think is an ideal aid in miniature scenery and basing.

Adding an instant theme to a base has never been so easy. Add as much or as little as you want to give yourself countless variations.

This kit contains all you need to create techy urban bases for your miniatures all in one box.
  • 350003_02
With this report we're covering a comparatively new, German manufacturer who is producing a range of diorama bases in 1/35th & 1/48th scales. The name of the new company is pretty eye-catching as well: Achtung-Tommy!
  • pfsaloon
PFA Productions is expanding again. This time it’s into the diorama base arena. This one is also into a new genre. The wild west can be brought to life with this new saloon base.
  • Entrance_Gate_029
aRTi-Crea is a new Dutch-based manufacturer specialising in diorama supplies and they will shortly release a very interesting item which will be useful for small 1:35 dio's vignettes and also for for 54mm modelers.
  • crate
PFA Productions is a growning new company specializing in laser cut wooden products. They are building thier product base and have added three new pieces: wheel barrow, chicken coop, picket crate.
  • 36006
Previously listed here, but now showing up on the the company's website as an 'imminent' release is new release from MiniArt
  • 35046_0020_11_
The Dutch company reality in Scale have released another set of really interesting and versatile items for the figurepainters and the diorama and vignette builders.
  • DSC_00652
NEWS in from PFA Productions, of some fantastic looking 1/35 scale laser cut wooden accessories to add extra life and realism to your next 1/35 scale dockside/ship diorama!
  • Monroe Perdu
Monroe Perdu Designs have released a piano in 1/32-1/35 scale.
  • nmc
Dark Tower Hobbies announces an exciting new name for their online store!
  • Mk35
MK35 Editions have announced a new diorama accessory in 1/35 scale; a war Memorial Monument.

  • 35047
MiniArt Limited have just updated their website with images of their new figure set along with some new buildings/diorama sets.
  • 19610
The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel, have just sent us details of their latest releases.
  • 35036Ancient_Columns6
The new Dutch company Reality in Scale have, once again, enlarged their range of Diorama products with some very useful new kits.
Below a run down of what their new products are
  • Miniart_catalogue
In this report we present an overview of what we can expect from MiniArt Limited in their increasing range of 1/35th scale building and diorama sets during 2008. The 'visual content' is a mixture of images from their site along with original photos taken during the recent Nuremberg Trade Fair..
  • jadar_35005c
The Polish manufacturer/on-line retailer, Jadar Model have announced the first releases in a new range of diorama materials.
  • diorama base

Miniart have provided an illustrated step by step guide, on their website, to assembling their vac form buildings.
  • Ren_Gate_7
Reality in Scale is a relatively new diorama company from Holland who we covered recently here on Armorama. Here are some of the latest updates on the company.
  • portada_e01eng
One of the more difficult aspects of dioramas, is to convincingly model water. In this new book, by the publishers of the quarterly magazine Xtreme Modelling, some interesting solutions should be available.
  • Mk35 A080 Norman fence
Mk35 Editions have followed their release of A070 DESTROYED NORMANDY WALL with another 1/35 Scale diorama accessory for a Normandy setting; A080 NORMAN FENCE.
  • Nordic Edge
While I’m still pouring over volume one which was released last spring Canfora Design & Publishing are to release Nordic Edge Model Gallery vol. 2.

  • winter_basing_kit002
US based Skullcrafts started out as a relatively small venture, who's products are primarily targetted at the tabletop wargaming miniatures market. That said, as is so often the case in this wonderful hobby of ours, many of the products can also be used by figure and diorama modellers. Here's a look at their catalogue.
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