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Building the Bronco Horsa Glider - Pt 2

About the Author

About Shane Smyth (Longlance-67)


Shane, I've been looking forward to this. I admire your patience. Thanks for sharing! ... And oh yeah, have a few on me!🍺🍺🍺 Cheers!🍺 ómike
DEC 02, 2017 - 10:50 AM
Excellent video, thanks for sharing
DEC 02, 2017 - 11:39 AM
Have enjoyed the first two installments and look forward to seeing the rest.
DEC 02, 2017 - 05:51 PM
thanks Guys! glad yee are all enjoying the build so far
DEC 02, 2017 - 11:04 PM
Beautiful progress so far!
DEC 03, 2017 - 12:08 AM
Thank you, I'm really enjoying this. I'm looking forward to Part III
DEC 04, 2017 - 04:37 AM
Thanks Shane, I love this and all of your other videos on YouTube. Please keep it up. I learn a lot.
DEC 04, 2017 - 10:45 AM
This was very fun to watch =)
about 22 hours ago
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