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German Victory at the Eastern Front!

Models used for this diorama
  • Dragon 1/35 T34/85 UTZ Mod. 1944
  • Verlinden Volksgrenadiers
  • Warriors Panzergrenadier No.1
  • Warrriors Cameraman
  • Warriors Hitlerjugend with panzerschreck
  • Russian Tank Crew Casualties (no idea from which company)

  • Used everything out of the box, no PE sets or any other additions. The base is made from a picture frame, plaster, woodland scenics material and some stuff from my garden.

    Story and Picture
    The diorama shows you a scene during the late war period on the Eastern front. German troops have managed to knock out a soviet T34 tank and after a while, during a break in the fights, they walk to the tank to investigate it. The damage done by shells/panzerschrecks and panzerfausts had set the tank on fire, burning the interior and some parts of the exterior. The Russian crew tried to escape, but failed in their attempt to do this.
    Then a cameraman appears and wants to make a picture of the soldier with the panzerfaust standing in front of the tank. He uses the photo for propaganda purposes in the army magazine =Die Wehrmacht= and makes it look like German forces are doing well on the Eastern front, with a screaming title that says: =German Victory at the Eastern Front!= (Deutscher Sieg an der Ostfront!) Enjoy!
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