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Marsch zur Front - Belgien 1944

The snow was made by sprinkling baby powder on the base. I also applied snow to the center of the road. Snow clinging to the trees was made possible by coating the branches with white glue before sprinkling them with baby powder.

I was careful not to add a lot of snow. I wanted an early snowfall where the ground can still be seen. I thought I have overdone it but I'm happy with the results.

Everything was sealed with hairspray. Now the dio smells like a baby.

After this time, the vehicles, figures and bases were installed using pins and CA glue. I wanted to put on more accessories and I thought of casting the kit supplied ammo boxes for the anti-aircraft halftrack. However, the idea of being a sparsely supplied German army came to mind, and I left it as it is.
Ground unity
I mixed up thin mud made of sifted garden soil, white glue and water. I applied this to the tracks and wheels of the vehicles. When it dried, I mixed a little white glue and baby powder. I applied this thinly to the wheels and tracks of the 7/2 and the 223, but not on the Panzer IV. I dry brushed the whole thing with a little tan, followedb by white.
A little more snow
The diorama is now complete but there is still something lacking. It's snowing but the figures do not have snow on them.

I didn't want to add more snow, so I decided not to use the baby powder. To simulate minute snowfall that accumulated on crevices, I used the property of paint itself. You see; paint is colored pigment powder mixed with a liquid vehicle. What if I can somehow use this pigment powder for color effects?

What I did was to make a wash or approximately 75% rubbing alcohol and 25% acrylic white. I stirred them in the jar and let it sit for a minute. If you look at it closely, you can see the white powder bubbling on the surface, much like powdered milk mixed with water in a dish (Cat lovers know this).

I applied this wash on the vehicles, figures, the emplacement and accessories, concentrating on nooks and crevices. When the rubbing alcohol carrier evaporated, the pigments were left behind, dotting everything with little specks of white. They look really great and adds realism.

Final weathering was done with pastels.
Word of thanks:
I want to thank Blade48mrd for supplying me with some of the things that I used in this dio.

I'd also like to thank Engin (Graywolf) for sending me the ration boxes and propaganda posters. Some of the groundwork materials came from Major_Goose and I'd like to thank him, too. I'd also like to thank Warthog for his advice on my base problem and his suggestion of using wood putty, Logansdad for sending me a PDF copy of an article about painting German uniforms, Skipper for his advice on working with resin figures, Faust, Beachbum, Henk, KFMagee and Art for ideas in fixing my snow problem, Tankysgal and Jackhammer for encouragement and support and slodder for fixing my computer and gallery problems and encouraging me to submit this on the site.

And a big thank you to all, who gave criticisms, suggestions, facts and praises, for this diorama. For this, I am greatly indebted, and this dio is dedicated to you.
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About Angela (Angela)

Hi. My name is Angela. I'm a vampire and I live in the Philippines. I've been into modeling for 10 years. Mostly, I model World War 2 vehicles and figures but my interst also extend to sci-fi models. Occassionally, I model modern aircraft and AFVs. My dad and brother are very supportive of my hobby ...


Thank you for the wonderful comments. I owe it all to you who, through the 8 months of construction on this piece of work, helped me in everything. As what I said, this dio is dedicated to all of you. Angela
JUN 01, 2005 - 06:31 PM
I know its late .but its a great diorama
NOV 29, 2005 - 10:59 PM
wow thats a perfect dio I just one in quick look : The Flak truck's links are little bit on air ! Paintings , weatherings , etc. are really impressive . Good job
NOV 30, 2005 - 12:11 AM
Its never to late to admire such a dio...Wonderful article and dio. Glad to hear you are keeping it.
NOV 30, 2005 - 12:20 AM
Hey, what a pleasant surprise! I didn't know that someone would still take a look at this dio. Thank you guys. Angela
NOV 30, 2005 - 05:49 AM
Impressive. Well done. I like the B/W photos. Adds some more realism to an already realistic dio. Congrats.
DEC 01, 2005 - 02:38 AM
It has been quite a while since I visited Armorama. And I didn't expect that there is still a person looking at this diorama. Thank you.
NOV 06, 2006 - 11:20 AM
great work angela, i like it a lot!!!! do you remember that we both got a quite the same idea on this ardennes dio? but my dio didnt make it to finish coz ive lost some of the important material for the dio during the process of moving back to my parents house. frm my apartment.. ive lost all 28 figures...and some other stuffs as well. all in one box. i also lost numbers of vehicles and unopened boxes of models. it was so dissapointing knowing that ur model is not in all the boxes u've packed. here the link to some of the last pictures of my lost battalion visit this link LINK or click on the link below
NOV 13, 2006 - 03:32 PM
Good Morning Angela, Great Diorama, I was wondering if it was possible for you to email me the PDF on painting German Figures. Mark
JAN 09, 2013 - 11:23 AM
Well , i remember Angela from my early years on Armorama, but this is a long time ago. This thread is very old to and you will probably not get an answer as Angela is not here any more
JAN 09, 2013 - 07:18 PM