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Cutaway T-62

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A "Hole" New Way To Display
Like many modellers I enjoy adding extra detail, whether this takes the form of an additional grab handle or, in this case, a full interior.

For this project I planned to build a full interior transplanting internal components from Skif’s venerable T55 kit to Trumpeters T62 1972 Mod model. It became apparent very early on that whilst fitting the T62 lower with little or no modification, the Skif components were, to put it mildly, ‘soft’ on detail. Further investigation proved that much of the internals would require serious upgrading or replacement. By far the quickest and (in my opinion) easiest option would be to scratch-build replacements.

I scoured the Skif kit and set aside the items I could make use of, or use as the base for my scratched components:

I commenced the project in my normal haphazard fashion by assembling as many useful written and photographic records as I could – concerning references, in my opinion it can sometimes be a hindrance to collect TOO much data; as long as I have enough clear images to present most of the main views I can normally ‘fudge’ the details sufficiently to represent what I want to convey. I decided early on that the best way to effectively display the internals would be to model the tank as a cutaway.

When producing a cutaway in 3D, the following considerations need to be made:
1. What do you want to show?
2. What do you NOT want to show?
3. The minimum amount of structural integrity (kit’s inherent strength) you can remove whilst satisfying points 1.& 2. above.
4. The ease of cutting/removing the selected areas from a practical viewpoint. For example can you use ‘natural’ panel joins for the cut points?

I always try to carry out my build order in a logical fashion by working in sectional sub-assemblies, in this case:
Vehicle floor, Left Bulkhead, Drivers station and Ammo Stowage, Right Bulkhead, Firewall, Engine Bay, Turret Floor, Turret, Externals.

This serves the joint purposes of providing a size and position reference for subsequent sections and by completing all sub-assemblies I can hopefully not forget parts which I inevitably would if I ‘jumped around’ on the build! My memory isn’t what it was...........now, what were we talking about?

It cannot be emphasized enough how constant dry-fitting and adjustment of the basic sub-assemblies is compulsory if fit issues are to be avoided, this takes place before adding any details to avoid time-wasting.

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About Dick Francis (DickyF)


Amazing stuff there Dicky!!! I'm happy to see you have this up here!!! Some incredible scratch work!!!
DEC 18, 2012 - 03:24 AM
Thats just ridiculously Fabulous Dicky!!! IMPRESSIVE brother!
DEC 18, 2012 - 06:20 AM
Outstanding work Nemo. Loved the build on MSC and great to see and read it here.
DEC 18, 2012 - 08:23 AM
As far as armor thicknes....um it's a model right. Looks close enough for me. If that is an issue then I think we all need to put away our kits because EVERY model is out of scale when it comes to that, don't care who you are or what AM items you use, still not correct. As far as an actual vehicle cut a way like this, yes there are a few in museums ....with out rust. Hats off to Dick for all the hard work and and doing what many would never attempt to do.
DEC 18, 2012 - 08:26 AM
Yes I'm sure yours is MUCH better. Why not post it up and show us all how it should be done? - Steve
DEC 27, 2012 - 03:52 AM
Hi Everyone; Just Ignore Comments like these They dont need a responce, Jim; FANTASTIC WORK, !! Im Really Impressed HAPPY MODELING; MIKE.
DEC 27, 2012 - 09:35 AM
Well Done! Looks great...
DEC 29, 2012 - 03:42 AM
Even when I do not like at all "cutaway" models, I really must admire Mr Francis' job On the other hand, I have to agree with Florin that the armor thickness was not taken in account. I am more than ready to "ignore" the -for me- marginal difference in the turret back armor, but just doing a simple math the armor thickness of the turret side should be slightly more than 4mm in 1/35, and that is noticeable. I don't think its a fatal error, but its a flaw anyway, one that does not diminish the great job done and the huge amount of detail added. Seeing that some people usually cry and write lines and lines about some kits for a misplacement of 1 or 2mm in a bolt or a handle or about a "not enough rounded" shape, I believe that Florin's comments are not to be blamed. He just placed his opinion, and is as entitled to do so as any of us... His manners weren't worst than others we can find from time to time. Also, remember that its not neccesary to be a great violinist to be a good music critic, nor to be an excellent football player to be a good coach Just my 2 centavos
DEC 29, 2012 - 11:46 AM
I've learnt a great deal..................
JAN 03, 2013 - 08:14 AM
Really, really impressive build
JAN 03, 2013 - 04:17 PM