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Making Weld Beads, an MSW SBS

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Crew-mate Glenn Cauley shares his technique and tool-making for realistic weld beads, in this MSW SBS (Step-by-Step) feature!

Here is an explanation of one of the more useful tools and techniques that I accidentally discovered while adding weld beads to my U‑673 boat.

I needed to create realistic-looking weld beads on the hull of my U‑boat...I did not want to use putty since it is not well suited to this task, and is fairly difficult to get consistent results. I needed to find something quick and most of all... easy.

How too......

STEP 1: Adding the Basic Welds

Cement strips of flat strip styrene (I used 0.010 x 0.020" flat strip styrene from Evergreen), to the model using liquid cement (I use Tenax-7R liquid cement).
Sand the strips so they are very thin.
  • weldtool7
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About Glenn Cauley (GlennCauley)

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