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a technique by Bill Cross
by Jacques Duquette
by David Brown
by Bryan Dewberry


Andras offers us a very thorough and useful primer on close-up digital photography - a must for all of us Kitmaker artistes!
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Bill Cross shows a quick set-up to photograph your models and dios with a simple light box and lights plus a smart phone.
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A few simple tips on how to improve those pics of your precious models.
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An easy way to make your photos much smaller in size without the use of e.g Photo-Shop.
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Peter Allen (flitzer) is here with his first article on Armorama. He's put together a handy little feature on how to take a picture of your completed model and superimpose it on a background to create a natural looking scene. The possibilities are unlim
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This article gives users an insight into JPG compression levels and how to save on image file size without sacraficing image quality.
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Putting pictures on the web, for some a breeze for other sheer hell. Robert has written a clear explanation on how to do this. So let those picture come forth; you have no excuse anymore.
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Not all is lost when your photos come out too dark. This mini-feature will show you how to brighten up and fix basic image problems.
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Bryan outlines his trial and error process of getting the best possible pictures for his F18 Hornet. And what good pictures that process yielded!
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