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Croatia Hrvatska
Joined: February 13, 2002
KitMaker: 5,456 posts
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Posted: Saturday, February 23, 2002 - 07:38 AM UTC
Hey Jim, I wanted to visit one of the forums but I got a reply that I can't get in cause I'm not a member... What is that all about?

Mario M.

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California, United States
Joined: December 01, 2001
KitMaker: 5,885 posts
Armorama: 3,799 posts
Posted: Saturday, February 23, 2002 - 08:13 AM UTC
Maki, I think the only forum that might block your access would be the Contributor's area. Jim will fix that pretty quickly, I'd bet! All us new guys get entered there after having joined the board...

Staff MemberPublisher
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New Hampshire, United States
Joined: December 15, 2001
KitMaker: 12,460 posts
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Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2002 - 03:43 AM UTC
The Contributor's Rountable is for forum moderators or those who have posted articles, reviews, etc. The reasons for it being restricted are a little complicated to explain. But suffice to say it's a good incentive for submitting an article, review, or photo collection.

Not that we talk about all that much.