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ZackAtak Website HELP no order & cant contact
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United Kingdom
Joined: December 05, 2006
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Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 09:38 PM UTC
I'm getting desperate here and so hoping someone can help.

I ordered a product (1/35 Syrian SARAB-1 for T-55/62/72)from the Zack Atak resin range from their website a few weeks ago and it hasn't turned up.

I've used the website customer service function, e-mailed directly and messaged via. the facebook page and have had no response whatsoever.
I've received no e-mails confirming my order except from paypal. However I can log into the Zack atak website and there is a record of my order which just states 'Payment Received'

It just seems like there is no one there yet they have happily taken my money.

It's for a T-72 I'm working on and I'm getting increasingly frustrated and don't know what to do. Has anyone else had similar experiences or can suggest what to do please?

Does anyone happen to know anyone associated with the company who may be able to give me some idea on what is going on?

Appreciate any suggestions/help anyone is able to offer.


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Stockholm, Sweden
Joined: November 29, 2006
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Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 03:19 AM UTC
If it is a one man operation it only takes a few weeks of illness or vacation to disrupt everything.
/ Robin
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Queensland, Australia
Joined: September 04, 2015
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Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 10:27 AM UTC
Especially if it's a "one man show" I usually wait at least a week for emails before entering "Stalker" mode ... instead if it's an order I always try to use PayPal and wait until a week before the limit to request a refund ... usually when you send an email with the word "Refund" they respond fairly quickly, as when dealing with an insurance and enter the word "lawyer" ... makes more 'effect of a triple espresso coffee
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British Columbia, Canada
Joined: July 16, 2006
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Posted: Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 06:00 AM UTC

I made my first purchase from Zak Atak 31 Dec 2017 for the Syrian T-55AMV conversion and he responded Jan 5 2018 confirming my order was going to be mailed that day. i think i got the resin conversion about 3 weeks later.

Try email to Zak at para@pathfinderireland.com

I think it is a one man part time enterprise. Before I placed my order I posted a question here on Armorama but at the time nobody could give an answer.
That Sarab-1 dazzler looks interesting. I almost ordered one as well. But the company's service and product quality was unknown to me so I decided to just make a small order. Maybe Zak Atak will sell a TURMS conversion for a Syrian Arab Army T-72A in the future? There is a Spanish company who also happens to sell some of the same sets. It was posted in the NEWS forum awhile back. I went with Zak Atak as the prices seems just a bit better for postage and he is the creator of the originals. I am not implying IP theft. I assume there may some lisencing agreement.

Here is the AGV release news link from over a year ago.
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United Kingdom
Joined: December 05, 2006
KitMaker: 2,208 posts
Armorama: 2,152 posts
Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 02:17 AM UTC
Hi all,

Thanks to those who posted.

On that note, I appreciate that small business can't be expected to perform like the big boys, but I've dealt with one man shows plenty of times and not experienced the 'black hole' effect before.
The Zack atak website is smart and sophisticated, perhaps leaving a false sense of security, but therefore should be simple enough to set up an auto response that they are 'out of office' or the like.


I opened up a 'dispute' via. paypal, as for all intents and purposes I had paid for something I had no-way of knowing would be sent, and managed to make contact with someone who obviously acts on behalf of the company and I just received the item today.

In conclusion - patience is a virtue (perhaps not one of mine) and its a nice product of something that's rare, so worth waiting for (just in time for me to continue my build). However being a small business is not an excuse for not responding to customer queries as it can lead to them thinking the worst and is off-putting for generating future business.

Thanks again,