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AFV Painting & Weathering
Answers to questions about the right paint scheme or tips for the right effect.
M1A1 Sand Color
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Szczecin, Poland
Joined: February 09, 2011
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Posted: Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 09:02 AM UTC
Here is everything you need for m1a1

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New Jersey, United States
Joined: September 22, 2006
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Posted: Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 08:17 AM UTC
I just tried real color desert sand . it looks great !
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United States
Joined: December 12, 2007
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Posted: Saturday, September 08, 2018 - 01:58 PM UTC
Look into Mission Models paints. They brush/airbrush very nicely and they have a U.S Armor sand.
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Florida, United States
Joined: May 16, 2002
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Posted: Saturday, September 08, 2018 - 01:06 PM UTC
The closest hobby color to modern CARC Tan is Testors Model Master Sand (FS33531). It looks dead on, esp. after weathering. I don't use Tamiya paints, but have been told none of theirs out of the bottle are even close.
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Illinois, United States
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Posted: Saturday, September 08, 2018 - 12:35 PM UTC
For the Bronco M1114, the directions specify Tamiya TS-46 for the sand color. Looking up the color of course gives me a gazillion different shades in various pictures. Would that color work for the M1A1 tank or not?