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Dumas Chris Craft engine
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Posted: Monday, June 18, 2018 - 03:32 AM UTC

I have a question about the Dumas 1940 Chris Craft barrel back kit. I have decided that I want to build this as a static model. So I thought it be great to include an engine (model).

I would like to use the Hercules engine(s). I have found pictures of the engine and the engine service manual (that has all dimensions), to think about fabricating an engine from scratch. Some thing I have never done an looks differcult. I have also found a couple of 1/8 scale V8 engines ( there is a guy who sells a Pontiac V8 in 1/8 scale resin and there is a 1965 Corvette kit with a 327 V8. I understand that some Chris Craft boats came with small block Chevy engines (283? or 327?). I am also thinking of just installing a highly modified small block engine - you know with chrome heads, velocity stacks, etc. One thing that I found, is that there appears to be NO pictures of a Dumas Chris Craft models with a model engine installed on the net! So I finally get to question, does anyone know if a model Hercules engine exists, has anyone attempted build/install an engine in their model, know someone who did, have any insights or comments or help (or unhelpful) tips. I have also found I6 diesel (from a tank) in 1/8 scale that looks some what like the Hercules engines, but I don't like the idea of putting any old engine to simulate the Hercules. So any help or comments are welcome.