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Posted: Monday, January 15, 2018 - 04:50 PM UTC
Well January is half way through and so a new year has definitely started, as such I want to clean up the samples list for the previous year in order to clear some back dated items. Please take a look at the Armorama Samples sheet using the link below and clear any items still in your possession and also identify items listed to you that I have failed to correctly action.
I am very aware that some items are progressing such as the glider, but other items are a long way over due and marked in dark red under the section (in progress Reviews). Until these items are cleared to the satisfaction of the site the listed individuals will not be considered for further review samples. Please E-mail me to clarify when the reviews will be submitted, by this I mean when it will be sent rather than the "week or 2" I often get. I know this may seem harsh to some of you and I am sorry about that, but when you request a review sample you take on an obligation to us, just as we have taken on an obligation to the manufacturer or store that sent it to us. I would also add that we make clear what our expectations are listed prior to accepting a request.

I have taken this route due to a number of E-mails not being answered by some and so this is the only route I could think of as an alternate method.