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General Ship Modeling: Painting & Color Schemes
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USS Fairfax camo color help.
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Posted: Friday, October 13, 2017 - 04:07 AM UTC
Hello, I could use a little help. I would like to try my first ship kit, and I would like to do the beautiful Flyhawk USS Ward kit as the USS Fairfax. I would like to do the ship with the dazzle camo scheme, as there are plenty of photos. My problem is I know nothing of marine colors, I am very comfortable with Tamiya paints, so I would prefer to use those if I can. These are some of the reference photos I have:

The colors that are giving me trouble are the No.1 blue grey, and the No.3 blue. Does anyone have a recommendation for Tamiya equivalents for these colors? Also the 3rd image shows what appears to show blue, which I would think is the No.3 blue, but also a green, which is not mentioned in the color plans. Should I take this as a mistake, and use the No.1 blue grey for those areas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.