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General Ship Modeling: Creating Ship Dioramas
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1/700 Nevada / Oklahoma
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Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 04:35 AM UTC
Just kind of playing around with idea of doing a Ford Island on Dec 6 1941 dio. ( yea dont want to have to try to put in planes bombs explosions, etc)

Arizona, Calif.,Tenn., West Va and Maryland kits all readily available in Injected. Saw a resin version of the Okla and Nevada. seem to beOOP though. Hate to pay $100+. Thought about picking up a couple extra Arizona and trying to convert, but It looks like the forecastle is radically different. The turrets can be done by casting a couple from WVA or MD and using brass 14 inchers
So wondering if Trumpeter is loking at adding these 2 and maybe a Vestal in next few years.

Anyone got an in with them?
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Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 04:59 AM UTC
Interesting project Steve! Wish you well on getting this off the ground! I think for the moment there are only a couple options ...one being the Midships Models Nevada or Tom's Model Works. Blueridge Models used to have both in resin, but have been discontinued...Freetime Hobbies (Mommy company to Blueridge) carries the Tom's version, but it is out of stock and of course about $110. Midships is more moderately priced at $60 or so...of course you would need two of these to account for the Oklahoma.

Were you stretching the dio to include the Penn as well? Of course that would be an easy find with another Arizona.

Best of luck pulling all the ships together!
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Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 04:37 AM UTC
I like the sound of that project, Steve. I'm working on a 1/200 version myself. I have the hulls formed out for the battleships, the Neosho and Vestal, and of course, will be using the Trumpy Arizona. I've decided to employ a textured tarpaulin as the water surface for photography purposes, and I will employ a large room at my workplace, the USS Midway Museum, for the shoot.

Your choice of a pre-attack setting is excellent. I have in mind a Friday the 5th scene, as it turns out the Oklahoma was the last in that day, so she would have passed right by the other ships to her last mooring. Also, I discerned that Lt. Outerbridge assumed command of the Ward in harbor that same day and cast off after dawn on the 6th to relieve her sister USS Chew on patrol, so I also have started on a vignette of the Ward getting underway from her nest with the old USS Allen, which is also tied up to the former cruiser Baltimore of Battle of Manila fame. For good measure, I have also developed the hull of the Solace as she was not far away, either, all in the Revell 1/240 scale for the 4-stacker kit.

In case anyone may be wondering, yes, I have also developed the hulls for the Cassin, Downes, and intact half of the Shaw, as well as the base of the floating drydock as well as the hulls for Helena and Oglala, all in 1/200. Now of the superstructures!