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Ship kits for sale by poster.
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California, United States
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Posted: Friday, July 15, 2016 - 09:50 AM UTC
Dear Modeling friends. Thank you for your interest and support in finding homes for the models from the estate of Mr. Hamilton. We actually have only a few orphan ships left. The costs have been reduced once again and I am open to group pricing on multiple models. The only model I am holding steadfast on price is the Akagi because it is a beautiful model kit with lots of extras including great PE. (and is LESS than 1/2 retail price as is) With your contributions, we were able to raise enough money to cover funeral expenses. Please make sure to post your finished ships when finished so the widow can see them completed. I think she would like that.

If interested, please E-mail (and Paypal) to: [email protected]
12 USS Yorktown CV5 Resin Aircraft carrier kit 1942 with wood deck 1/350 Blue Water Navy $235.00
42 Akagi 1941 IJN Aircraft carrier Akagi 1941 Plastic Model kit with hasegawa equiptment set A, machine guns, optical weapons, hasegawa aftermarket, and hasegawa aftermarket hyper detail P.E. set. 1/350 Hasegawa $300.00
43 Enterprise Full plastic model kit. With additional E2 Hawkeye set 1/350 Tamiya $135.00
48 Gearing DD710 USS Gearing resin model kit. Resin / P.E. kit 1/350 Blue Water Navy $90.00
49 Tillman 1943 USS Tillman DD641. Full resin/P.E. kit. 1/350 Blue Water Navy $75.00
50 Churchill USS Winston Churchill DDG81 .Burk class destroyer. Resin P.E. kit 1/350 Blue Water Navy $98.00
51 Buckley USS Buckley DDR808. Full hull resin kit + P.E. 1/350 Blue Water Navy $ 67.00
54 USS-SD USS South Dakota BB57. Full hull resin/P.E. battleship kit 1/350 Blue Water Navy $190.00
57 MA Backdate kit USS Massachusetts BB59 Conversion/Backdate kit 1945 outfit. Designed to for Trumpeter MA kit or Alabama Kit 1/350 Yankee Model works $26.00
58 Backdate kit USS Alabama BB60 Conversion/backdate kit. 1942 outfit. Designed to fit Trumpeter MA or USS Alabama kit. 1/350 Yankee Model works $30.00
59 Saipan USS Saipan plastic model kit 1/700 WSN $20.00
90 USS -CA USS California in Resin 1/700 Naval Works $32.00
91 USS -CA USS California in Resin 1/700 Naval Works $32.00
92 USS -CA USS California in Resin 1/700 Naval Works $32.00
93 USS Montrose USS Montrose Attack Transport 1/375 $10.00
107 Lusitania Out of Production Lusitania plastic model 1/350 Entex $30.00
109 Yamato PE Details 200-1A double fret PE for Yamato class BB 1/200 Gold Medal Models $37.00
110 Liberty Ship 1/350 Liberty Ship 1/350 $20.00
116 Lexington Wood deck Wood Deck set for Lex. In 1942 (only) 10 different deck pieces 1/350 Nautilus Models $21.00
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England - South East, United Kingdom
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Posted: Sunday, September 04, 2016 - 10:17 PM UTC
Hi I just wondered if number 54 uss south dekota still for sale ? Thanks John ps any problems sending to U.K.