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Cleaning the BADGER 200 BF
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Greece / Ελλάδα
Joined: May 08, 2002
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Posted: Saturday, May 11, 2002 - 06:37 AM UTC
Does anyone have the BADGER 200 BF? How do you clean it? I dissasemble it every time I paint and the hole painting session takes me about an hour! I need some expert advice on the particular model, or cleaning bottom-fed airbrushes in general.
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Virginia, United States
Joined: February 26, 2002
KitMaker: 1,218 posts
Armorama: 401 posts
Posted: Saturday, May 11, 2002 - 07:33 AM UTC
Get some pipe cleaners to clean out the inside of the tube that goes into the jar. They can also be used to clean the inside of the airbrush itself. I have the Badger 200 and I use them all the time to clean out mine. Use some thinner on a paper towel to wipe the needle clean. Qtips are another thing to clean out the nose of your airbrush.

Just thought it would be of some use to ya
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United States
Joined: February 17, 2002
KitMaker: 171 posts
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Posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 02:13 AM UTC
I also have a Badger 200, and I clean my brush with pipe cleaners also. I will always run pure thinner through my airbrush before going to the next color. :-)
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Uusimaa, Finland
Joined: March 07, 2002
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Posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 02:42 AM UTC
Iīve got a love-hate relationship with my Badger 150. Itīs very reliable, good control, smooth action....but the cleaning...
I dug it out from the cellar yesterday and after shooting the first acrylic color through it I remembered why it had been down there for so long time.
I disassemble it every time. If the quick-drying acrylics get stuck in there, the airbrush will be no good except for Russian tanks.
I havenīt even tried enamels with it...