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Make Tracks!


In this article I will describe the steps I used to build the tracks on a German SturmpanzerIV Brummbar (by Dragon; 1:35).

The method used can be applied to build tracks for any tank that comes with Individually Linked Tracks.

Basic Training:
I start building the tracks with a tank that has been built up to the point that the chassis has the road wheels, return rollers and the idler glued on, but the drive sprocket is not glued on because that would interfere with putting the track on or taking it off.

The first and most time-consuming part of building tracks is just taking the pieces off the tree and sanding them. 80% of the time it takes to build the tracks for one tank is spent cutting and sanding the pieces of track.

I keep all my pieces in and organizer, it helps keep them all together and dust free.

I use Model Master cement, the glue applicator is a needle which is extremely useful, I find this glue is perfect for tracks because it dries fast enough so that the tracks will not fall apart when you try to work with them, but the tracks will still be malleable enough to bend them a bit.

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Copyright 2002 - Text and Photos by Bob Lester (Sohcahtoa) All Rights Reserved.

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