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Dragon Panzer IV E

stages 16 to 18
Finishing off the turret and building those tracks! The grab handles on the turret roof are supplied as pre-bent wire....a nice touch by Dragon. These stages mainly deal with attaching small fixtures and fitting to the outside of the turret. Again, there is detail moulded on the inside of the hatches, although I have to say their fit was not entirely positive and needed a bit of ‘fiddling’ with. The instructions also show the placing of some spare track links on the glacis plate, although Dragon don’t include any sort of brackets for fixing these? The placement of part D19 is also wrong on the instructions, and to see exactly how this is fitted you should look at the illustration of the finished vehicle in the ‘Markings’ section.

Now we come to those tracks! They are arguably the best tracks Dragon have ever produced...with the possible exception of the 251 series tracks. The guide horn is moulded correctly with the hole, something I’ve not seen done on a kit-supplied injection moulded set of tracks before. Take note, they are not workable though. There is an upper run former supplied to obtain the correct ‘sag’ of the tracks, and this system worked well. I attached all the road wheels and the idler, although I left this adjustable, and fitted the drive wheel at the same time as the tracks, making sure everything was the right way round! The tracks are left and right-handed so pay attention to the instructions and take your time!
There you have it. Dragons latest offering. I have a lot of things over form the build, some of which may get used when I get around to painting it. These include the ‘Generation 2’ General Guderian figure, which looks fantastic, some Jerry cans with PE inserts to represent the seams, a DS plastic Cactus, some brass shells and an awful lot of tools!

in conclusion
This kit is an engineering feat. It is a miniature replica of a Panzer IV, not a model. It’s quite simply stunning. It is not a kit for a beginner though, since at times it can be hard work, but enjoyable none the less.
My Thanks to Dragon for the review sample.
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