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Ardennes Advance - A lesson in detail

Intro by Jim Starkweather
This will be (hopefully) a series of articles by the very talented (albeit professional) sculptor/modeler Warren Jones. I don't know if Warren has enlisted on the site yet, but hopefully he will and be willing to answer any questions you have about his work. I must say these early photos of his work look to be an amazing start on this 1/16 scale Battle of the Bulge diorama.

About the Diorama

  • The "footprint of the 1/16th diorama is 22" x 35" @ 28" high.
  • The base is typical box construction with reinforced 1/8 cherry finished skins.
  • Hardwood "black walnut" footing to support tempered glass.
  • The kit is Tamiya Tiger I. The figures are a combination of Kirin, Verlinden, Tamiya and various scratching and modifications.
  • Scenery is... well whatever one combines from woodlands, back country road, etc.

The larger trees are from molds I produced from a prior "museum project". They are dressed with (Plumosa fern and Ming fern) the smaller support trees are tapered wooden dowels with the same dressing. The larger trees are bolted to the sub frame with a PVC core larger tree as the support for the header (lighted hood) and hollow core for the wiring. This way there is no external cables or wires showing on the outside.

The model is under way with some additional scratching. (I chose not to purchase the Photo etch because of the price and the kit is pretty fine straight from the box.

2002 - Text by Warren Jones. Photos by Jeremy Wedel. All Rights Reserved.

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