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Bringing Out the Details

When we all began to model all we needed was a kit and a tube of glue. By this I don't mean our first or second kit but after we came to the realization that we enjoy it and will continue to pursue this as a hobby. Later, perhaps, some paint. Then we have our first look into a modeling magazine!! Wow! They look so real! How do I do that? Articles are feverishly read, trying to cram information and techniques into that small part of our brains where the modelers Id resides. More often than not we dive in, expecting immediate results. Never going to happen.

The most important lesson we never learn at first is that the key to good modeling is Patience. You can't make a good model in one day, not when beginning.

I was going to discuss seams this week but I feel myself going in another direction, please excuse me but keep reading.

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