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Rusting, Chipping and Weathering

finishing up
At this point you begin to see the "aged" weathering begin to show. Up next will be some more streaking and washes.
Sooooo, I took some shots tonight showing the first of a few steps to more weathering. I added some streaking Rust and Grime from AK.

As you can see in these pictures, the light streaking rust is added to the chipped rusty sections.

After laying down another quick clear coat to protect my work I am adding a little more color. Using Slimy Grime Light, I ran some streaking in a downward motion. Normally I would make these streaks as really fine lines; however, I am blending these for some color balance rather than just streaking.

Next I take a flat and slightly wider brush "humid" with spirits, draw downwards thinning the streaks making sure to clean the brush regularly. What is meant by humid is dipping your brush in the spirits and blotting quickly once and then flipping and blotting the brush again on your paper towel or rag. This removes most of the thinner leaving a trace still on the brush. This will help stop tiding, ponding and complete removal of what you just put on.

After, there is a nice blending with the previous streaking.

I will let this sit for a day or so and apply yet another clear coat. Then the final stages of this project. Adding another light wash, some dust effects and a pin wash or two.

Only the final step of mounting the truck to a simple little base and this is complete. Thank you for joining me along this ride into a little Rusting and Weathering.

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