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Book Review
Europa Militaria No 29 Challenger Squadron

by: Paul Truhe [ PTRUHE ]

I've always heard great things about Challenger Squadron so when I got a chance to see it on a shelf and leaf through it; I snapped it up. I have as much fun reading about armor as I do building models. This book is good compact history on the Challenger.

The contents start with some background on the development of the Challenger which was originally an export only item for Iran. Then the British Army trials and eventual deployment are covered followed by sections on the deployments for the Gulf and Bosnia. Due to the printing date in 1999, the KFOR deployment is not included. There is a small section on the development of the Challenger 2 at the end.

There is a large variety of pictures ranging from development to operational usage including some of the variants like drivers training and CRARRV. Most of the pictures are of the Challenger in action in the UK, BATUS and Germany and the Gulf and Bosnia deployments with the picture captions being quite descriptive. A few pictures of the engines and interior as well. No specific detail shots but that's not really the intent of this book. I only wish there were more pictures with the additional armor mounted.

Overall, I like it and recommend it for fans of British armor. Not a book for picking out little details but good coverage of the operational use.

Even though I got my copy overseas, it is available from a variety of sources but the cheapest price in the US, which is the one on the review, is likely the one from Walmart.com.

Europa Militaria No. 29 Challenger Squadron by Simon Dunstan. Published by Crowell Press. Softcover, 64 pages in total. All color photos with a couple of illustrations of unit structures.
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  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 1861263015
  Suggested Retail: $14.27
  PUBLISHED: Nov 19, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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