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by: Sebastian Schoof [ SCHOOF ]

Sebastian Schoof reviews and builds the Trumpeter KV-220 in 1/35th scale. This is Sebastian's first review on the KitMaker Network and so please give him feedback to help him to refine his style.

Highs: Metal barrel, Easy construction and pre sagged link and length tracks rate highly with me.
Lows: No clear parts, no metal texture on the big turret, allot of old sprues with soft details along with bad fitting old AND new parts and allot of Flash on the new (2016) parts as well as on the old parts.
Verdict: This is NOT one of Trumpeters better kits in my opinion, even-thought the KV series is normally seen as a range of good kits, this kit is suffering from the same effect as the Dragon Pz IV`s do, trying to save money by adding a lot of old obsolete sprues.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 05553
  Suggested Retail: 37,- $50 35
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 09, 2017

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About Sebastian Schoof (Schoof)

I started modeling in February 2014 because i was looking for a different hobby besides gaming and i found it. Shortly after that i started my YouTube channel "DutchModelling" which i focused on Reviews and Hangouts. I decided that i would review every single kit i could and would get my hands on...

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I like the format and the combination of the build with the review. A very nice job on the build issues as well, it's a nice primer fr building my own kit! One thing that bears mentioning for the kit is that the hull is underlength compared to the existing plans out there and that discrepancy seems to hold up when I compared the Trumpeter hull to the existing side photo of the actual KV-220 prototype.
FEB 09, 2017 - 07:32 AM
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