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First Look Review
HO scale
Veterans Granddaughter
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

Veterans Granddaughter from Reedoak is an HO (1/87) 3D formed young woman in contemporary clothes. It is item RRC870007. She is also available in 1/32, 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72.

Reeodak is a new figure and accessory company from France. Founded by Norbert Jakob, Reeodak produce 3D printed figures from masters that appear to be scanned from actual people wearing the clothing and equipment of the subject. These masters are digitized and thus Reeodak can create the subject in many scales from, at least, 1/24 through HO (1/87). This includes small parts like connectors, weapons, etc. Interestingly, Reeodak does not advertise models of resin, rather of a rubber composite medium. Reedoak categories are Figures and Connectors. Under Figures the current subcategories (available and in development) are;
    Misc. accessories and weapons
    50' civilians (typical 1950-era fashion, in development)
    Modern civilians
    WW2 France
    Modern France
    WW2 civilians
    WW2 Germany
    Modern Russia
    WW2 Soviet Union
    Modern USA
    WW2 USA
    WW2 United Kingdom

Note that figures are printed when ordered, hence they may be some days before shipment. Also, the ultra fine detail is created with "sprues"; Reeodak offers 20% discount if you order the figures with those printing supports attached.

Veterans Granddaughter
First off, I intentionally ordered my first two Reedoak figures with the casting/printing/forming connectors ("sprues"?) attached. (I don't know the exact term yet so I'll refer to the process as "form -ed, -ing.") I want to see if the "sprues" will be a problem to remove. For a 20% discount to entice budget conscious modelers, I figure we want to know if the saving is worth the effort.

Reedoak prototype scanned 3D printing creates incredible detail and extraordinarily natural stances. My first impression of the figure was How can any HO model detail be that fine? Then I actually noticed that the overall detail looks as amazing in person as on the Reedoak webpage.

The figure is contained in a zip-lock baggie. That in turn is inside a clamshell plastic bubble pack. "Box art" is a printed label. That packaging should protect the model from common shock and crushing.

The model is a single piece. Several sprues attach to the model from the top, looking like she is balancing a coffee table on her head. I sliced them off with an Xacto. The material separated easily.

3D printed objects frequently reveal fine layer lines which sometimes do not show themselves until paint is applied. I can see these layers on this figure but only under strong magnification. I loaded photos of the figure with, and without, primer. (Primed images are the lightest figure.)

Okay, my definition of 'detail' is expanded for this model. I now also use it to refer to the authentic depiction of human posture like a natural weight bearing stance. Starting with that, detail is excellent. There are some authentically postured resin and injection-molded figures out there, yet all too many have subtle nagging deficiencies in that regard. Having only sculpted a couple of figures with wax decades ago, I have utmost respect for those sculptors that can freehand even reasonably authentic figures. Scanning real people mitigates that. Thanks, Reedoak.

The face and ponytail are very detailed, too.

Clothing detail is also, as you might expect, extraordinary, with distinct raised and recessed folds and peaks, and sharp definition between articles.

She is dressed in boots, hip-hugging jeans, a tee shirt, and a windbreaker.

Painting instructions
None. Step outside and look at what people are wearing today.

Needless to say, like the 1/48 military figure I reviewed, I am immensely impressed with Veterans Granddaughter. The level of detail in HO - 1/87 is phenomenal. If one wants it in another scale, all one must do is order it.

I am impressed with the natural and life-like posture. That and the overall definition of detail is exceptional. I appreciate the clever positioning of the connector sprue attachment points.

Veterans Granddaughter is an amazing model that I am anxious to paint. This is an exciting technology and Reedoak heralds a new horizon for 1/87 - HO figures. Highly recommended.
Highs: Amazingly crisp, sharp detail.
Lows: None as far as I am concerned.
Verdict: This 3D printed figure demonstrates the level of realism available now to HO model railroaders.
  Scale: HO Scale
  Mfg. ID: 870007
  Suggested Retail: $6, 5.93 EURO
  Related Link: Reedoak Site
  PUBLISHED: Mar 09, 2016

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