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Book Review
Namer – Heavy APC
Namer – Merkava-Based Heavy APC
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]

Namer – Merkava-Based Heavy APC

Series – Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats
By Dr. Robert Manasherob
Publisher – SabIngaMartiN Publishing
Copyright © 2014 Dr. Robert Manasherob
ISBN 978-0-9916235-1-8
80 Pages
MSRP - $40.00 US

SabIngaMartiN Publishing has been producing quality reference books surrounding the fighting vehicles of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). In the driver’s seat for SabIngaMartiN is renowned expert on Israeli Military vehicles, Dr. Robert Manasherob; Doctor of Microbiology, Molecular Cell Biology and an Officer in the IDF. Dr. Manasherob has brought us many publications digging deep into the armor wold of the IDF. One of his latest books is Volume 5 of the Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Series titled Namer – Merkava-based Heavy APC.

This book focuses on the Namer which is an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) atop the Merkava 3 & 4 MBT platforms. This eighty page book contains over 300 color photos showing the Namer APC in action as well as a rather comprehensive walk around photographic array of this “beast” accompanied by highly detailed text supporting all of the pictures throughout the book.

There is no table of contents included in the book; however, the pages for each chapter are color-coded on the top left and right side of each page. The Namer – Merkava-Based Heavy APC book is broken down in to the following sections:


  • Introduction/Dedication
  • History
  • Prepare The Beasts
  • Leaving the Base For Training
  • Beginning The Desert Drill
  • Walk Around
    • Namer Based On Merkava 4 Hull And Suspension
    • Merkava 3 Sprocket Wheel And Tracks
    • Suspension
    • Battering Ram
    • Towing Bracket
    • Smoke Dischargers And Cameras
    • Commanders And Gunners Hatches
    • Rear Compartments
    • Rear Ramp
    • Rear Left Side
    • Rear Right Side
    • “Saarot Shulamit”
    • Fenders
    • Jerrycan And Shovel Brackets
    • Hammer And Pick Brackets
    • Engine Exhaust Deflector
    • Ventilation Port
    • “Katlanit” Weapon Station
    • FN Mag
    • 60 mm Mortar
    • Namer Prototype At Armor Corps Museum In Lantrun
  • Camouflage And Markings


If this seems like a big list covered in Volume 5 of the Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Series, you’re not wrong. Dr. Manasherob has covered pretty much every square inch of the Namer APC in this book. The first nineteen pages of the book cover the history and development behind the Namer APC. This covers many of the design specifications of the ‘Beast” and several of the pros and cons to its use in the IDF today.

The next three sections of the book, Preparing the Beats, Leaving the Base for Training, Beginning the Desert Drill how soldiers in the IDF, make ready the Namer for operations. Along with these preparations the book covers the moving out and field operation of this APC in its natural environment of the desert. There is seventeen pages of high quality, color photographs showing the troops working around and in the Namer while on maneuvers. Each photograph is accompanied by short text blurbs describing what is shown in that particular photo(s)

The real meat of his publication is the Walk Around section. Dr. Manasherob has compiles hundreds of highly detailed, up close and personal photographs of the Namer APC as it is seen on the Merkava 3 & 4 base units. This is an extensive look at the entire exterior of the Namer form the wheels and tracks right p to the Karlanit Weapon System on top and for the most part, everything else in between. This is one of the most wide-ranging looks Namer APC.

The book closes with a short section titled Camouflage and Markings. Although only three pages in length, this section well-defines the tactical marking used on the Namer APC while in the IDF. There is a detailed description of the Company, Platoon and Battalion markings along with information on the registration numbering and various other marking and colors.


As they say, the Namer is a “Beast”! Dr. Manasherob has compiled an incredibly comprehensive collection of photographs and information on the Namer APC within this monograph. The beginning of this book is a well-laid history lesson on the Namer which rolls nicely into the fitting out and operational prowess of this APC. As I mentioned above, the meat of this book is of course the extremely detailed Walk Around section. From a modeler’s standpoint, this is an amazing up-close look at the Namer and all her wears! Dr. Manasherob has done a fine job is presenting this photographic interpretation of the Namer and leaves no stone unturned. I have to recommend this book to just about anyone who is interested in the subject matter presented within. For the modeler, this is a bible of information and photographic reference materials; for the armor and historical buffs, this book stands a testament to this workhorse of the IDF.

The Namer – Merkava-Based Heavy APC book from SabIngaMartiN Publishing can be found and purchased on the SabIngaMartiN Publishing website along with the many other great titles form this author.
Highs: Outstanding Walk Around Pictorial of the Namer Heavy APC with supporting technical information
Lows: The addition of a few interior detail shots would have pushed this book right over the top.
Verdict: This book is one of the most comprehensive looks at the Namer Heavy APC in the IDF. One of the best Walk Around references that can be obtained.
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  Suggested Retail: $40.00
  PUBLISHED: Apr 11, 2015

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Thanks for the review, looks like a great book despite the relatively high price. Cheers, Christophe
APR 11, 2015 - 07:45 PM
Another GREAT Review topic. If I could only get my hands on some of these books!!
APR 29, 2016 - 11:38 AM

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