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Cyber Hobby have just announced their latest 1/35th scale release.
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Better late than never we bring you news of Cyber-Hobby's rerelease of DML's Rail Cars in their Orange Box series.
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Cyber-Hobby have announced a 1/35 Smart Kit of the Pz.Kpfw.IV Panzer IV Ausf. J Initial/Early Production.
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Cyberhobby have announced their latest 1/35th Scale release,
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A few months ago, DML announced (and released) a Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B variant which mounted the 15cm s.IG.33. Now in a welcome move, the gun is available seperately.
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Following on from Cyber Hobby's recently announced update sets which included Track, Tools and Suspension sets for AFVs, it was to be hoped that Infantry weapons were to be included. Here's the first.
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I'm listing these as a releases from Cyber-Hobby even though the difference between these and Dragon Models' releases has become somewhat blurred
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Cyber-Hobby have announced the release of a 1/35 Panzer III & Borgward.
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This time, slightly different from the other one...
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Cyber-Hobby have just announced another release based on the 38 (t) chassis.
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The latest (and somewhat unexpected) release has just been announced by Cyber-Hobby
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The latest announcement and images have just been sent to us by Cyberhobby.com.
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Cyber-Hobby is a subsidiary of Dragon Models which, in its Armor releases, tends to do the more unusual subjects - this latest release is no exception.
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Although this has been listed in Cyber-Hobby's lists for a few months, now the first images have been released:
Thanks to the Cyber-Hobby division of DML, we are able to bring an exclusive...
Cyber-Hobby, the division of Dragon Models which is producing Limited - Run armor models, has announced two impressive new releases, with, as can be imagined, a host of extras...
Cyber-Hobby have just announced two significant items of interest to Armor modellers - the 2nd in their Limited Run armor models and a new website....