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The new model from Model Point is a curious T-34-3, a project of T-34 with 3 guns.
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Model point has had limited exposure on Armorama but that is an oversight we are correcting now. Model point has a new conversion set in the works that will add a twist to the T34 family of Russian tanks that I have never heard of previously. Take a look inside to see just what is in the works.
ModelPoint US. has just announced the arrival of two NEW 1/35th Scale conversion sets from MiniArm - for the T72BM....
Modelpoint U.S. has just announced it's latest releases in updates and conversion sets in 1/35th scale....
The U.S. company, ModelPoint U.S. has just announced yet another product line to its already considerable lists. The new products are from Master Club which is a Russian producer of wheels and track-sets in resin, in 1/35th scale...
We now have some very rare and hard to get Navigatorkits in stock including T-10, IS-4, Object 704 and other interesting subjects.
ModelPoint US is a company who have establshed a name for themselves as retailers/distributors of those hard to find Conversion/Detail sets and figures from Eastern Europe and Russia. Folowing in with this, Modelpoint US now have a new range available - The Miniarm Range of 1/35th scale conversion and update sets....
Model Point has just announced that it has recently re-stocked with an interesting range of conversion sets in 1/35th Scale - Capitan Models
Model Point has released 9 new ammunition sets.
Model Point 120mm barrels in 44 and 55 calibre lengths are now available from Trackjam Models. The 120mm L44 barrel is for the Leopard 2 A5 and earlier versions, while the 120mm L55 barrel is for the Leopard 2A6. Both are available for the Italeri Leopard 2A5 kit or the Tamiya Leopard 2A5 kit.