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MiniArt Ltd have added sprue shots and built images of their latest "Beute" Dingo to their site.
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MiniArt Ltd have sent us images of a new 1/72 scale kit RUINED BUILDING
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MiniArt Limited, have sent us photos of their new release German Armored Car Crew.
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MiniArt Ltd have just mailed us to tell us that that four, previously announced releases, are NOW available.
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MiniArt Ltd have just given us a heads-up on no less than THREE WWII British Figure Sets.
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Like the 600-pound Gorilla, it was bound to come... Here's MiniArt Ltd.'s latest Work-In-Progress...
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This will be MiniArt Ltd's third British AFV Crew and the first designed for NW Europe.
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MiniArt Ltd. have just sent us a couple of big ZIP files of images of their New Dingos:
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Two new releases from MiniArt Ltd. have been announced.
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Back in march this year, Pat McGrath ran the initial story on this New release from MiniArt Ltd. Now, we're able to updatee it.
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We've just been sent notification by MiniArt Ltd. of an upcoming figure set.
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Here's the latest figure set from Miniart Ltd. of immediate use for dioramists.
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Miniart Ltd. have jusr sent us images of their NEXT, 1/35th scale releases.
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Miniart have posted photos of a new set of figures on their site a German Tank Crew. (France 1944)
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With the 2009 catalogue and speaking with the company at Nuremberg, we can now give a pretty complete list of what MiniArt Ltd. plan to release during the course of 2009.
  • Kitmaker11
Another year, another meeting with the Ukrainian manufacturer MiniArt. This year though, their release lists far exceed any the company have announced before.
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MiniArt Ltd. have been kind enough to send us images of the sprue shots of their (forthcoming) Dingo Scout Car in 1/35th scale.
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A few months ago, many people received a very pleasant surprise when MiniArt Ltd. announced a Dingo Scut Car in 1/35th scale. Now, another variant.
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Miniart are set to release five new building sets in 1:35 scale.

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Miniart have introduced their first Diorama accessory in 1/72 scale -an East European Village House.
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MiniArt Limited have just sent us images of a New, 1/35th scale figure set which is scheduled for release in January 2009.
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Miniart are set to release three new Diorama sets in December.
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Very welcome news from MiniArt Limited, thanks to our 'unofficial' roving reporter - HISHAM...
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MiniArt Limited have announced another Armored Vehicle in 1/35th scale.
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Several new releases from MiniArt Limited with the majority featuring Dioram bases although there's another variant on the Bantam Jeep.
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Miniart have announced the release of another vacuform diorama base:- Village Diorama Base with Ruined House
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Oh, I do love these stories which could be a teaser for something else in the pipeline...
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MiniArt Ltd. have just announced their latest figure set
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Miniart have posted photos of a new set of figures on their site -German Soldiers at Rest.
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Miniart have announced the release of another vacuform diorama base.
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MiniArt Limited have now indicated that their long-awaited 'Bantam' Jeep will be released in June.
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MiniArt have just notified us of two (imminent) 1/35th scale releases.
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Previously listed here, but now showing up on the the company's website as an 'imminent' release is new release from MiniArt
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MiniArt Limited have just updated their website with images of their new figure set along with some new buildings/diorama sets.
  • Miniart_catalogue
In this report we present an overview of what we can expect from MiniArt Limited in their increasing range of 1/35th scale building and diorama sets during 2008. The 'visual content' is a mixture of images from their site along with original photos taken during the recent Nuremberg Trade Fair..
  • Miniart_catalogue
MiniArt Limited once again maintained a good presence at the Nuremberg Trade Show. In this report here's what to expect from the company during the year.
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MiniArt have just published images of (the completed) SU-76 in 1:35th scale.
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Miniart have provided an illustrated step by step guide, on their website, to assembling their vac form buildings.
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Miniart are to release a German version of their SU 76 kit .
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Miniart Limited are about to release their latest Soviet AFV in 1/35th scale.
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Miniart are bringing out another Soviet figure set.
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It's not a surprise this set (we had details of it back in february) but now Miniart's Soviet Naval Infantry are due for imminent release.
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MiniArt is becoming a household name, partly due to the constant release of new products. They have announced the release of two new diorama kits in September this year.
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The Russian manufacturer MiniArt has featured strongly on this site in both the News and Reviews sections. Although previously announced here some months ago, these are the latest (and soon to be available) releases...
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The Russian manufacturer, MiniArt, are now beginning to release the material they have listed in their catalogue.
In this, the third report on Miniart's release plans for 2007, the attention turns to their AFV/Vehicle kits - included amongst tehm are no less than THREE subjects which have never been attempted in plastic
Although MiniArt has gained a justifiably good reputation with its other ranges, one of the more innovative aspects of its release program has undoubtedly been their 1/35th scale buildings. Now, with the assistance of their catalogue, we're able to bring you their 2007 releases...
The last year or two has seen a series of new, injection-moulded styrene manufacturers emerge. One of the most interesting and imaginative, has undoubtedly been MiniArt...
One of the companies which is increasing its reputation for both originality and quality' is the Russian manufacturer, MiniArt. Now, the company has sent us details of their latest releases for November...
The increasingly well-known (and well-received) manufacturer, MiniArt, has just sent us details of their september release schedule...