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A new 120mm figure was just announced on several figure forums: Vietnam Airborne Trooper
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MMD Squadron have sent us some infos and pictures of the new Warriors resin figures. Amongst them two useful references if you have purchased the Czech Model kits of the 1:32 scale F-80C and the 1:48 scale Bamboo Bomber.
The VLS 'label' Warriors, have announced three more 1/35th scale resin figres...
Warriors Scale Models, one of the figure subsidiaries of The VLS Corporation, has recently announced the following new releases:
Russian tank riders, American GI's in relaxed scenes and bald heads are on the menu this month for Warriors. Another new figure from Anders Heintz was included in our care package from VLS for March, his G.I. Walking with Jerry Can (WA35520).
For those who are unaware of the fact, Warriors are the figure 'arm of the VLS Corporation. We are now able to show some of the tempting pieces that Warriors are preparing to seperate you from your hard-earned cash!
WARRIORS, a VLS Creations Company, has released an interesting mix of figures for this month. From a WWI 3 figure Austrio-Hungarian vignette, to 1/72nd scale U-boat figures, to a 1/48th scale Tiger I crew, this is some of the most diverse products I have seen from them in the past year.
Warriors who are part of VLS are announcing a number of new releases for 2005. The theme continues to be the U.S.M.C. in the Pacific in WWII...
I really can't resist this one - I have just learned that Anders Heintz has been commissioned by Warriors for a series of 1/35th scale figures they have also bought his recent Vietnam-Era bust and will be marketing it shortly. Nice to see a sculptor of Ander's abilities getting 'promoted'......

Three new releases announced from the VLS subsidiary, WARRIORS This time two of the sets come with a rather useful feature....
This month brings us several new WWII Figures from Warriors. All the figures are resin cast and 3 of them are 1/35 scale, the other is a 1/9 scale John Rosengrant bust. VLS has been kind enough to send us these items for review so stay tuned for more details on them soon.
It apprears that the guy's over at Warriors have cottoned on to a good thing. In the last few months they have popped several new and exciting sets from the figure oven. These are all based upon the recent events in Afghanistan. The one's that I ran straight out and scooped up were: References 35421/35423/35424/35425/ and 35426. These were all great with a few minor reservations./ I only got one seated guy, and most of the Northern Allaince guy's appear to spend more time on their hind quarters than standing.