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Battlezone Miniatures is a relatively new, British-based company which produces an attractive range of 54mm collectors figures in white metal.
Two of Dragon's new figure sets should be available now. Both German, both from very different periods...
As the old cliché has it, a picture tells a thousand stories. No more so than this series of images that I picked up on my travels through the 'web....
Soldiers Figures from Italy has a few forthcoming releases in 54MM. While they have not arrived at Squadron, they are listed in the "new" section and available for pre-order.
Not as well-known as some of the other Spanish Manufacturers, El Viejo Dragon (literally the 'Old Dragoon') has announced some attractive releases in its June release schedule...
Finally I have been able to track down some of the images of the new Dragon
S.A.S. Troopers.
I recently received notice of the May releases from the Italian figure company, Pegaso Models.
The second 'batch' of new releases have been announced from Alpine Miniatures, these three new releases are well up to the standard of the first ones...
Hobby Fan has just released three new figure sets on Taiwanese market. They should be available in other parts of the world soon.
Italeri's New release schedule is somewhat shrouded in mystery 6437 - German Horse-Drawn Convoy is a very welcome addition to their catalogue...
Although announced a while ago, I am pleased to be able to bring some of the first images of Dragon's New Release, 6198 U.S. Army Support Weapon Team....
Art Girona, is another of the increasing number of Spanish figure producers who have come onto the scene in the last few years.
Not perhaps as well-known as their competitors such as Andrea, nevertheless their products are well-worth a second look.
GOFFY MODEL have their first four (2-figure sets) available. Nice unusual subjects to complement the growing range of modern Bundeswehr vehicles in 1/35th Scale.
A completely unknown (at least to me) figure company which has chosen to concentrate (at least at the moment) on AFV crews.
Hobby Fan has just released two new sets of resin figures. A British tank crew for the M3A3 Stuart and a French tank crew for the M3A3 Stuart. Two figure each.
In this new book, US MARINE CORPS PACIFIC THEATER OF OPERATIONS, the author, Gordon Rottman, has the difficult task of summarizing three years of U.S.M.C. operations and re-structure in a mere 96 pages....
Today, I had a look a new (at least for me) figure manufacturer. I'm damn glad that I did...
The Small Shop will be releasing a revolutionary new product this month, hair for figures! They will be displaying their new ware at Euro Militaire. This event is annually held at Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone UK (September 20-21st) and they will follow that up a week later at AMPS East in the US.
Our first eight 54mm Germanic tribes figures are available ready for purchase. On our new German page you can see pictures of them painted and unpainted, just click the camera icons.
Alpha Miniatures new site is now live. To promote this event they are giving away a free 54mm figure. Their first eight 54mm Romans are also now avaliable, these include Legionaries, Auxiliary Archers and Auxiliary Infantry.
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