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KitMaker Network and Armorama is happy to announce that after several years of hard work (mostly by Jim Rae our Managing News Editor) we now are receiving direct samples from Trumpeter of China. The first kit they have sent us is the Bruckenleger IV b in 1/35 scale (kit no: 00390).
Czech Masters Kits brings us news of yet another set of figures for the Revell 1:72 Gato.

A new range of products is being released by the Japanese Company Kamizukuri

They are offering a range of laser cut paper plants.

From the illustrations on their website it seems that the plants come on paper frets similar to PE Brass and the modeller has to assemble and paint them. The company info promises easy assembly

Something different from Pete Morton at Jakrei Miniatures

PROGRES Model Centrum have announced a new title in their Armor Color Gallery series

ACG002 Armor Camouflage & Markings of the 2nd New Zealand Division Pt.2 Italy
  • Archer
Archer Fine Transfers have just announced 17 new releases shipping now and the release of their Surface Details™ series.
  • Ace
The latest release in 1/72 scale from Ace Models, in injection moulded plastic are:
Allied modelers should, in particular, find the latest releases from ArmorScale welcome although others aren't forgotten either...
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The Russian manufacturer MiniArt has featured strongly on this site in both the News and Reviews sections. Although previously announced here some months ago, these are the latest (and soon to be available) releases...
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Dragon Models Limited have announced two new releases. The first (which is presented as a simple photo-report) is a new variant on an existing subject, the second is a COMPLETELY new departure...
Once again, more new releases from the Czech manufacturer RealModel with two new products in 1/35th scale:

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The Scottish manufacturer, Accurate Armour have just sent us details of their latest releases in 1/35th scale:
  • formations
Rob Ervin at Formations has just updated his website with 6 new items,
  • French House Mk35
Mk35 have a new release of interest to Diorama makers

BO17 French Building

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After producing a considerable number of variants of the PzIV, Dragon Models have now announced a set of Crew figures...
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The Spanish manufacturer, Mig Productions, have just announced their latest (an VERY varied) releases:
  • RMA_35138
The Czech manufacturer, RealModel continues with their new releases in a number of different areas...
Dragon has released a 1/72 scale model of a P-38 Pathfinder containing all the special characteristics of this version of the Lightning.
It receives a clear nose thanks to a completely new mold that shows off the radar system installation.
Detail is finely rendered, and careful engineering ensures this model aircraft is easy to assemble.
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Six new sets of Polish, French Indochina, Allied Sherman and Firefly decals in 1:35 and 1:48 scale are now available from Bison.
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The Polish manufacturer of turned-metal gun barrels and a plethora of other useful accesory sets - ArmorScale have just announced their latest releases:
  • 16003a
Hello Gents
I'm pleased to announce Alpine Miniatures' new release in June 2007.
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Taesung is pleased to announce Alpine Miniatures' new release in June 2007.
  • Archer
The U.S: decal company, ARCHER FINE TRANSFERS have just announced their latest releases in 1/35th scale.

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Every month or so, the Czech manufacture, PlusModel sends us details if their new releases and every month or so, it seems that the new relases are more interesting than the previous ones. Here are this month's new releases...
Adalbertus Distribution have recently announced new releases in 2 of their figure related lines.
NEWS in to the MSW newsdesk, of a very interesting new partnership between Czech Masters Kits (CMK) and German based company ArtMaster, who together are planning a new line in 1/72 scale resin shipyard diorama kits and accessories.
  • RM_351141
It's somewhat stating the obvious, that, in the case of U.S./Allied softskins, there isn't a lot on the market. Therefore, any new kit (in whatever medium) is welcome....
Just announced on MIG Productions' website is news of their latest acquisition: American figure company Think-180, which was established by KitMaker member Jeff Meckley.
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The Chinese AM Manufacturer, Voyager Model have announced a series of VERY varied 1/35th scale update sets - in both PE and (where applicable) Resin...
The Czech company, RealModel have in the last mont or two announced a whole series of new releases, here's an update...
Some useful newitems from MK35 Editions:

A set of building accessories ( Doors, Windows, Shutters and rails) for those interested in making their own buildings or even just to add to the rubble in dioramas, and a stone fountain which could look well in a diorama with some dusty troops gathered around it.
  • ram badger
Formations have just added this new conversion kit for the Ram Badger to their catalogue

Using Tamiya's M4 kit as a donor this set includes everything needed to build the Ram Badger Flame tank that was used by Canadian units in combat in NWE.
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At this year's Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan, DML have announced a New 1/35th scale figure set:

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Dragon Models have just announced four releases at the Annual Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan:
  • ace
Ukrainian based Ace Models latest 1/72 scale release in plastic is this interesting model of the German Army Kfz 14.
Sure to be popular with Allied modellers is this new U.S.JERRYCAN SET

  • l_DRA6406
The Late Production Tiger from DML was for many people, difficult to get hold of. Now, the company have re-released it - along with some updates/improvements:
  • 7314-1
Although the sheer volume of 1/35th scale releases from DML is impressive, equally impressive is the rate of releases in 1/72nd scale - here's an update as to what to expect in the next couple of months:
  • 26410722
The U.S. AM company, Formations Models haev just announced another four releases which, once again are 'Sherman-Centered', however, there are some surprising additions:
  • 6355-1
Although this has been listed in Cyber-Hobby's lists for a few months, now the first images have been released:
  • TWS00341
Tank Workshop has released 5 new kits today 5/4/07
Civilians and female soldiers have always been in short supply in 1/35 scale, now Kami de Koro Koro a Japanese company are producing a line called Troops and Peoples with some interesting civilian and female soldier sets in resin.
Coming soon from Belgian company Resicast a Chrysler Multibank engine in resin for the Tasca Sherman Vc Firefly
  • 242_M38_Jeep
The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel are continuing with an extremely interesting release program which seems to get more innovative every month:
  • 7520-cover
Concord Publications have just announced a new book which will be very welcomed by Modern British armor modelers:
  • 120
We've just been sent some very special images by the Ukrainian manufacturer, Masterbox
The Scottish armour manufacturer, Accurate Armour have just sent us details and images of their latest releases:
  • book_01
Several times we have covered the highly innovative figures of Douglas Lee. Now, the latest from 'Doug's Originals' have been announced:
  • 6372poster-l
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest, 1/35th Scale figure release:
  • 7285poster-s
Dragon models Limited have announced three new, 1/72nd scale Armor releases:
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