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With this, the third of the news stories covering the new and future releases from the Spanish company Toro Models, the focus shifts to AFVs and their future releases...
In aother news story, the details of the new Toro Models figure releases can be seen. In this story, the focus shifts to dioramaproducts in 1/35th scale....
A few months ago, I posed the news of the first of the ToroModels figure range, now thanks to information from the company I am able to 'expand' the list somewhat..
The Spanish figure company, Andrea Miniatures has just published its new release list - again quite a mixture of types and subjects....
Now in stock the latest Etch Sets from Voyager Models
We are running a competition to find the most realistic and imaginative images of model AFVs created with the aid of digital imaging software-First prize will be an original single figure study by Ron Volstad, with other prizes from MA Mori and Mission models
The Hong Kong publisher Concord Publications, continues turning out new and interesting titles at an extraordinary rate. Once again two new books covering widely disparate time periods....
It has been somewhat amiss of me to have paid little attention to the new releases of Archer Fine Transfers - in future these wll become regular updates. Archer for those who are unaware of their products, produce an extraordinary variety of decal sheets in 1/72nd, 1/35th, 1/16th and recenty, 1/48th scale. They do not simply produce vehicle decals, they also produce such printed material as flags, insignia for figures (VERY useful!) and propoganda posters...
Having just received the latest newsletter from Bison Decals, we are able to bring you news of their March releases and some future releases. All, are in 1/35th scale...
The Korean manufacturer of high-quality resin kits and conversion sets, Legend Productions , is once again tempting us with some highly-attractive new releases...
Just posted on Dragon's Website -first images of DRA 9059 the Jagdpanzer IV
Many diorama/armor builders, try to inject something different into the vehicles they build. One of the most difficult aspects of armor modelling, is to convincingly recreate battle damage or even wrecked vehicles. Step forward Panzerwrecks.com with a new book which gives those elusive reference sources...
Quartermaster's Depot, for the unitiated, are a Canadian company who produce decal sheets in both 1/72nd and 1/35th scale. They have just announced a further SIX sheets of 1/35th sale decals....
Airborne Miniatures will be releasing their next modern figure at the end of the month.
Art Girona has announced the release of 3 new 54mm white metal figures today.
A few months ago, I discovered a (relatively) unknown figure/accessory company which went by the name of TANK. I also discovered that their products (which are well worth checking-out) are available from, amongst others, Modelpoint U.S.
Now, i'm probably going to get shot at by some of the 'purists' for this post, but since seeing the story on PlanetArmor and PlanetFigure I couldn't help but wonder if there was quite an exciting thing happening for figure painters from an unexpected source...
New 1/72 scale line of resin buildings. Large line of 1/35 scale diorama products, and accessories.
This is REALLY one of these news stories which is a pleasure to write. Not only is the owner a regular contributor to Armorama, but it is the launch of a company, which if the photos and subjects are anything to go by really deserves to succeed. The new company is Think-One-Eighty-Studio whose owner (and chief sculptor) is Jeff Meckley ...
No matter how good 1/35th scale figure sets are in plastic, quite often it is the heads and helmets which let them down. There are however a number of manufacturers who supply both heads and helmets in 1/35th scale, amongst them, is Ultracast...
S&T has just released 4 new U.S Tankers (WWII) to accompany the U.S. Tank Commander released late last summer.
These are yet more of the new releases which are eagerly expected... The Australian manufacturer Firestorm Models have announced a small number of new releases which go right into the Highly Interesting category....
Formations Models produce resin update sets, conversion sets and parts which serve to make the Sherman (and Stuart) modeller's life just that little easier. This time, the releases are ALL for Sherman variants with one release in particular (IMHO) especially welcome!
Here's a look at the masters for 2 upcoming figures...
Mig Productions is about to release their latest technical, a BJ45 with Russian B11 recoilless rifle.
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