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New Leopard 2A4, M113 Interior decals and Monthly Contest Update
I make no apologies for presenting even more photos of Tristar's Pz IV (Early)... The release date is scheduled for next month.....
Monroe Perdu finally has limited quantities of it's latest and largest kit, MPD-031 Northern Italian Church. If you were able to attend the recent SCAHMS show, you saw the painted test shot and the first few kits for sale. The kit is imposing, measuring 13" tall and 13" square on the base.
Thanks to the fine work of Jim Rae and the writing skills of Vinnie Branigan (Teacher), Dragon Models Ltd. has offered to start sending us items directly from Hong Kong for review on the site. While we have been getting items from many established vendors this is the first relationship with a major plastic manufacturer and hopefully a sign of things to come for 2005.
Dragon Models Ltd. are the most prolific company on the market now - they announce new releases almost every week!
For those unaware of their existence, Monroe Perdu Studios produce an extraordinary range of Diorama sets in 1:35th/1:32nd scale...

The company has announced a series of new sets, each more original than the last...
Young B. Song has released a WWII bust which should appeal to both figure painters and armor modellers.
135th Construction Battalion continues it's trend of roof items (last month we saw drains, pipes, and a chimney). This month we have more gutter and drains, but also a beautiful European Clock Dormer (CO0099). This large resin piece by Ben Jakobsen, includes a seperate clock face and a single resin part that has the clock hands ready to cut out.
These new items from Custom Dioramics are definately unique. They include a set of park benches, a donkey, an Orthodox Priest, and a public shower. All in 1:35 scale
Russian tank riders, American GI's in relaxed scenes and bald heads are on the menu this month for Warriors. Another new figure from Anders Heintz was included in our care package from VLS for March, his G.I. Walking with Jerry Can (WA35520).
The wait for armour modellers is over! Hannants have announced the release of the first set of armour colours in their expanding range of Xtracrylix "decal-ready" paints.
Recently, the launch of Jeff Meckley's new company - Think One-Eighty Studios was announced, with an attractive range of new figures in a variety of scales. Fortunately, Jeff is not letting the grass grow under his feet and has announced some new releases....
Yesterday, when i was posting the news of the latest Tristar figure release, I overloked the latest in their armor releases...
As a taster, for the Next releases from DML, here is the new list and the corresponding images....
Yet another of these interesting companies from Eastern Europe, PIOModels is a Polish company specializing in converson/ update sets in 1/35th and 1/72nd scale.....
Tristar Models have announced yet another figure set in 1/35th scale...
The U.S. company, ModelPoint U.S. has just announced yet another product line to its already considerable lists. The new products are from Master Club which is a Russian producer of wheels and track-sets in resin, in 1/35th scale...
Echelon Fine details emerged a year or so with an extraordinary series of decal sheets in 1/35th scale. Primarily, they have produced decal sets for Modern AFVs although their last releases contained a number of extraordinary sheets for WWII German vehicles. With these new releases, they are returning to U.S. vehicles in O.I.F....
Apart from using original photo-references, one of the best sources for information on vehicles or equipment, is always contemporary film footage. This recent series of Videos frm b>RZM Imports sould be well received...
Here is the list of DML's FUTURE releases. It is worth noting that these are in the recently published 2005 catalogue - whether or not they appear this year is (as always) open to question...
Just posted on the Verlinden website, is the list of new figure releases for april...
The Fusilier has released two new 80mm, white metal figure kits.
To help fill the holes in those Bradleys and M-1s, CMK has recently released a two-and-half figure set of modern US tankers.

Additionally, they have produced a two-figure set of Iraqi insurgents.
The Russian kit manuacturer Eastern Express has announced five new 1/35th scale armor kts. As is to be expected from this company, they are all Soviet subjects and all offer some interesting possibilities...
We now have some very rare and hard to get Navigatorkits in stock including T-10, IS-4, Object 704 and other interesting subjects.
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