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There are a number of the 'After-market' companies who never fail to bring out interesting products. Amongst this very select list, are Tiger Model Designs who with these new releases have announced some interesting developments....
One of the continuing 'success' stories in the last year or so, has been the decals produced by Echelon Fine Details. Covering everything from Spanish Armored Divisions to vehicles in O.I.F., this company has been producing some of the most attractive decal sheets in the market. The latest sheets continue this trend with two new sheets, covering the Tiger I in 1/35th scale....
As DML announces the latest imminent figure release, I can hear Allied modellers give a good hearty cheer. DML's latest 1/35 figure, announced on May 5, 2005, is indeed an Allied set which will compliment, among others, DML's forthcoming Shermans.
Once again, this is one of the most pleasant 'perks' of being News Editor - being able to present a new company with some very exciting products... The new company is Armorscale - yet another of those Polish companies which are now having such a positive effect on the AM (Aftermarket) part of the hobby....
Yet more surprises from that most interesting Japanese company - Tristar
Every year in the Dragon Catalogue, there are a number of 'secret items' we can now reveal what they are....
Dragon USA announced the following new release on May 10, 2005. The set will clearly compliment the recently announced DML "88" (although I'm sure it'll suit the newly announced AFV Club Flak 18 just as well!).
Although previously announced here and on other sites, we are now able to bring some good images of the imminent release of AFV Club's Flak 18...
Trakz has released two WWII US Armor conversion sets. The first is the 75mm M3 Half-track conversion set (TX 0116). This set comes with a detailed instruction sheet for the many (many!) resin parts included. It also has a brass photo-etch piece for the gun shield.
Following from the previous story on Mig Productions new armor reeases, attention now turns to their interesting figure releases...
It's been a month or two since the Spanish manufacturer, Mig Productions announced new releases but now, the volume of their new releases is such that it is necessary to split their new releases into two - one for figures and this, for armor releases....
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kancali Custom Modeling would like to announce a
major website update, and the release of several new products for the month of
Kancali has upgraded their website capability, added more product in use photos,
and revamped the ordering page. We have added credit card payment options in addition to Paypal. And we now ship UPS which includes delivery tracking and insurance.
Recently, we have been featuring a increasing number of the Russian TANK 1/35th scale resin figures and their incredibly interesting range of weapon/accessory sets.The following 6 new figure sets are now listed on the TANK website and should be available shortly.
Perhaps in the last month or so, the new Andrea Miniatures' releases have (to my eyes at least), been lacking a certain 'innovation' or 'freshness' this months releases however, are VERY different...
Bison Decals is a company who has carved a niche for itself in the Armor Decal Market in a simple way - by being more imaginative than many of its competitors. These new sets come at exactly the right moment with the new DML & AFV Club 'Tiger Programs' well underway and modellers looking for something just a touch different....
This is going to reverberate. Several months ago, AFV Club announced a Flak 18 in 1/35th scale. Guess what?
MR Models is a German manufacturer who have previously only been working in 1/35th and 1/72nd. All this is set to change with the announcement that they are now producing conversion and update sets in 1/48th scale...
With the (re-vitalized) interest in 1/48th scale armor, hardly a week goes by, without a new, or existing, manufacturer announcing new products for 1/48th scale armor. The latest of these, is 'Battalion Bits' a 'sub-division' of the 1/35th scale company, 'Belcher Bits'....
Verlinden Productions has announced two new Armor releases in 1/48th and 1/35th scale...
Verlinden Productions have announced their latest diorama releases in 1/35th scale...
June 2005 will see the release of five new figure references from Verlinden Productions...
ACE just begun production of a 1/72nd scale plastic replica of the Canadian Cougar Fire Support Vehicle....
One of the least known, but possibly one of the more interesting figure/accessory companies that we have been covering in the News Section, has been the Russian manufcturer, TANK. This company produces both figures and weapons in 1/35th scale for a variety of nationalities....
New release by Military Miniatures Warehouse, features Lt. George Dixon, who was the last commander of the ill-fated by tactfully successful Confederate submarine, the CSS Hunley.
There are a number of companies producing replacement 1/35th heads in resin, however, one of the best known and wth one of the largest ranges, is Hornet. On the same topic, there are two new 1/35th figures from the partner company, Wolf...
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