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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 10:01 PM UTC
A New (well to me anyway) manufacturer from Poland whose speciality is 1/35th scale resin figures.
Mantis Miniatures have a small range of 1/35th scale figures now available along with an unusual accesory set. Beginning with the figures:

35001: German Paratrooper NCO - Italy 1944 (€12)

35002: German Paratrooper - Italy 1944 (€12)

35003 German Paratroopers - Italy 1944 (35001 & 35002 together - €24)

35004: British Infantryman - NW Europe 1944-45

All figures are sculpted by P.Krasicki.

Finally, I promised something different:

35005 Animals - Set 1 (mediterranean and african)

The figures are available DIRECTLY from the company HERE (LINK)

Please remember, when contacting retailers, to mention you saw their products HERE on Kitmaker!
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A nice refresher, but erm, we posted news of these back in November '09
FEB 10, 2010 - 11:45 PM
LOL! I wondered why I saw TWO manufacturer's pages in the Admin section... Oh well, can't hurt I suppose...
FEB 10, 2010 - 11:48 PM
I have the animals, planning on doing a review today or tomorrow.
FEB 10, 2010 - 11:48 PM
I should have reviews of these, the figures, in a few weeks time. Look out for their new late-war (winter) Germans later this month - the box-art is being finalised at the moment.
FEB 10, 2010 - 11:50 PM
I wondered about the cryptic 'monkey Review' comment the other day - now, I understand...
FEB 10, 2010 - 11:56 PM
I really like the rakish-looking wounded Fallschirmjäger officer. The bren gunner is nice too. I'm not so keen on the other Fallschirmjäger though. His pose is somewhat awkward, and those para shorts look a bit daft. - Steve
FEB 11, 2010 - 02:00 AM

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